trapeze 20 – 50% success

I am only getting about 20 – 50% success with this trick. I should be far better than this by now with as much time as I have spent practicing. I have tried many different throwing techniques at trying to keep my wrist and arm strait, but still end up crooked, with the yoyo usually just missing the string to the inside. The technique of practicing standing in front of a wall didn’t help because as soon as a wall is not available my throw goes crooked. I have been concentrating on keeping my non-throw hand in one place once I set it.

I am asking where should I be keeping my eyes?

Should I only be watching the swing around my non-throw finger?

Should I only be watching the swing across the floor in front of me?

Should I be curling my wrist for the throw or not?

Should I be trying to keep my wrist straight?

Curl your wrist and your arm straight, Follow the yoyo with your eyes that should make it easier.

well in the vid it says keep your finger as close as possible when it wraps around your finger so its easier to land on the string. At first when i started doing a trapeze I thought i was close enough but just try to be so close as possible like a inch away then when you get better your finger wont end up as close. Also i find it helpful running your finger down the string

one of the most important parts i found helpful which it also says in the vid below make sure the yoyo is wrapping around the top part of your finger, this is because this part of your finger is really smooth so it keeps the yoyo going strait

you also want you finger to stay strait dont worry with a hard breakaway it will wrap around your finger so DO NOT MOVE YOUR FINGER

this vid is really desciptive

Something Jump said months ago that has stuck with me is to run your NTH index finger towards the yoyo a little as it wraps around. I helps it snap over and land straighter.
Also, when I learned, I tried to focus my eyes more on where i was trying to get land on the string. If I watched to yoyo, I would kind of turn towards the yoyo, unconsciously put my throw hand out further and miss it in the inside.

more qestions…

should my elbows be in close to my body or out in front?

when I throw should I make a quick snap motion or a slower motion?

I would like to suggest, right when the string hits your non-throwhand finger, pull your throwhand slightly away from your non-throwhand, to help land the yo-yo on the string. (This helps me on the “Man on the Flying Trapeze”.)
I hope this helps.

i’m reminded of an old quotation regarding japanese swordsmanship.

‘if you direct your mind to your opponent’s sword, you will be taken by his sword. if you direct your mind to meeting his eyes, you will be taken by his eyes. if you direct your mind to his stance, you will be taken by his stance. if you direct your mind to his movement, you will be taken by his movement. if you direct your mind to your own sword, you will be taken by that… in short, there is nowhere to direct your mind.’

i think most of the good stuff has already been said. make sure you’re catching the trapeze close to your freehand finger. make sure you’re throwing it as straight as you can (which should be perfectly straight if you’ve practiced breakaway). try using a shorter string, which is easier to manipulate, and use a nice wiiiiiide yo-yo (yeah, i said that), just to build up your confidence and to help get a sense of how it feels to hit it successfully. once you’ve got it down, move back to a thinner yo-yo or a fixed axle. try it blindfolded. i wish i had better advice, but it’s really completely ingrained. i’ve ‘forgotten’ how to miss it. keep practicing. all day, every day until it’s automatic.

Mocking tone “Ive forgotten how to miss”
Rub it in Ed… Rub it in. (Just messin’ man)
The quicker you throw the yoyo around your finger, the wider the loop will be, making it easier to catch. I usually follow the loop around, because you should be able to just put your finger where it needs to be (If not, that’s why we have peripheral vision -for the sole purpose of suicides-)
Edit: Woah. I just realized that this is about trapeze and not suicides. Sorry.
Well when I first started, my easiest way was to put my finger on the last third of the string and quickly move it towards the yoyo.

And everything about ed is still true BTW. :wink:

i wasn’t trying to sound conceited. but when you can do it without looking, you kind of have to think about how to miss. it’s not skill; just a lot of trapezes. there is no substitute for a lot of determination and free time.

I know. I was just giving you grief