very frustrated and disappointed at myself


I have been trying to do the trapeze for the past month but I just can’t get it. It seems impossible any suggestions?


Practice more. Throw straighter. Envision the plane and line that the string creates between your finger and the yoyo.

Also, I find sliding my non-throw hand index finger OUT while pulling the throw hand OUT a bit(slow) cuts down the amount of string that the yoyo is whipping around on, which in a sense gives the yoyo no place to go.

But above all, practice and don’t get discouraged. Keep at it. It WILL come to you.


my take is that you try to do the trapeze using your left hand (if you’re right handed)

try this, throw a breakaway, let it sleep, position yourself parallel to the yoyo, start swinging the yoyo left to right, place your non throw hand index finger so when it gets hit by the string, it’s about 5cm from where the yoyo is, keep swinging, DON’T MOVE your left hand, just let the yoyo swing around your finger and land on the string.

watch the part at 0’15" in this video

your left hand doesn’t have to do anything to perform the trapeze, you just have to place it, swing the yoyo and you’ll land it

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Good suggestions guys and I’ll add another:

  1. Throw a break away and let it hang.

  2. Take you non throw hand and place the string over your middle finger and under your pointer finger.

  3. Hold your hands so the string is acrossed your body and pull with your throw hand so the yo is hanging fairly close to your non throw hand, 4"-6".

  4. Just practice flipping the yo over your pointer finger and hitting the string. Don’t even worry about if it lands on it, just hit it. Every time you hit it you are close. In fact you don’t even need to have the yo spinning to work on this. Sometimes while doing this, you can get the yo into the trapeze without it spinning.

  5. When you can hit the string successfuly try the whole thing.

Never be disappointed in yourself, this one might be tough for you and something more complex will come with ease.

Let us know how it goes!


I find it helps throwing in a confined area, this forces you to keep your playing ‘together’. Try standing in front of your bed or a sofa so you can’t throw the yoyo ‘out there’ - the horizontal line of the bed will also give you a line to focus on and throw parallel to.


Get a solid break away first to ensure you’re throwing straight and hard. Also what yoyo are you using? May not make a difference to us who got it down but it always helps using a good yoyo to learn stuff on!


Perfect your Breakaway first. I have a friend who is just starting 1 A and when she throws a Trapeeze, her right hand for some reason moves the string out of the way. I never knew why she did that… ??? Pay attention to your right hand and what it is doing as you are throwing a Trapeeze. As hadoq suggested… you are probably letting your left hand do all the work, when it really comes from your right hand and your throw. Good luck!

PS Don’t get fustrated!!! Andre may make it easy in his tutorial videos, but I’ll be the went through the same phase you’re going through! Patience & Practice