Learnig 'Trapeze

I am trying to learn the Trapeze. The yo yo is looping over my finger than inside over my wrist. What might help to prevent this?

You’re either just missing the string, or your throw is crooked. Straighten out your breakaway by using this practice method:

Look for a large wall in your home or outside. A wall big enough for you to throw breakaways in front of without hitting anything. Face the wall, with your toes a few inches away. Throw your breakaway. Now, you should be able to not hit the wall at all. That’s the mark of a good breakaway. Start out far away, maybe a foot or two, to get the feel. Then, get closer and closer. This ought to straighten out your throw.

If you’re simply missing the trapeze, then try getting your freehand closer to the yoyo as it comes around.

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Don’t try to land it on the string in the middle of it try to bring your finger closer to the yoyo and land it.

bring yoyo closer to non trough hand

Thats what I said. lol ;D

Also, don’t throw too hard. You can worry about sleep time later. For now, try and throw a nice and slow one, so that you have better time to align your hands right.

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Whispers He’s a genius! :wink:

I will try straighten out my breakaway, also it might be that my breakaway does not come up high enough. I am also trying to land an imperial shaped yo yo on the string this could be a big problem.

its possible, maybe a little harder than some other throws, but possible. Perfect the trapeze on that though and you’ll be golden!!! :smiley:

You could try to tilt your body to the left so that you would be able to see the yoyo and the string from a different angle. This might help you to align the string and the yoyo.

It definately is going to make learning this trick much harder. Don’t despair though! It’s not impossible. I know some people that can hit Eli Hops with a Duncan Imperial, somehow. It will take a more than usual, but with practice you can do it.

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I know that this might sound lame but just keep practicing.When you get it once,your chances of landing it on the string will increase.Thats what i did.

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Make sure your non-throw hand index finger is perpendicular to the string. A crooked finger can cause the yoyo to come around to the side of the string you wnat to land on.

Success at landing a few. I have straightened out my breakaway, but still just missing the string on the inside and wrapping around the tip of my finger. So I went and got a cheap butterfly shape, (ordering a YYJ Kickside) more success….still wrapping tip of finger more than 50% of time. What else might help?

At this point it’s all about practice and repetition. The closer your freehand is to the yo-yo the easier it is to catch.

I am getting very frustrated, I have worked on straitening out my breakaway and making it a very high long looping toss. And moving my non-yoyo hand closer to the end for the string. It is still just missing the string to the inside and trying to see that this is going to happen is very difficult. Is it that I am trying to watch too much? I am watching the breakaway toss, looking for the finger warp and missing catch on the string. Should I be just concentrating on focusing my eyes on the string catch? Knowing that I can “catch” the breakaway with my non-yoyo finger.

The higher you bring your throw hand to begin delivery the wider and thus slower the arc of the throw. Bring the throw hand high it will deliver a wide slow arc then catch the string closer to the yoyo maybe 6 inches from the yoyo. This will make it much easier to dial in.

Be patient, keep trying, you will get it. Wait till you see how difficult the split bottom mount is to dial in, you will see this as a walk in the park. The thing is, when you get it you will have it forever

No need for the double post.

Anyways, land the yo-yo closer to the non-throwhand pointer. Practice is the key though.

try lining up the string on your trough hand with the gap of your yoyo