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I am really new to yoyoing. I keep trying to do the man on the trapeze and I have the breakaway part, but when I try to land it it never lands on the string. It does sometimes but they are mostly accidents. Do I just need more practice or am I doing something wrong.

What yo-yo are you using? Is it a butterfly shape? I am assuming you are using the Maverick?

This trick is a very fundamental trick, try to make the trapeze as small as possible, this helps a lot, it is very difficult to land a massive trapeze. What I mean is try making your finger close to the yo-yo so it makes a tiny trapeze.

yes the Maverick. (Butterfly) I think the problem is I can never tell where to place my finger to make it small.

Two inches away from the yoyo is a great place to get started learning trapeze, just make sure you don’t make the trapeze too big.

Watch this video:

He tell’s a lot about the importance about the bigness of the trapeze.

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Thanks. I have watched it before but I will do everything right.

Okay so I am landing it quite a bit now after some practice with keeping my fingers about 2 inches from it but now when I land it, it turns sideways and falls off before I get a chance to dismount it. Am I still doing something wrong?

Make sure you keep your strings straight. If it isn’t, the yo-yo will tilt. Also, learn how to throw better. It will take time, but with a better throw, the yo-yo will tilt less.

After a while you will get the hand of it, you may have to adjust the angle of your hands (how far they are away from your body) to make it not fall over. After a while it will become usual for you to do it without thinking. What side is it falling off? By doing a trapeze off of a breakaway if it is falling off of the front move your throw hand away your body, if it is falling of the back move your throw-hand towards your body, this should adjust the angle of the yo-yo making it straight again.

Hope this helps.

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Like Shadowz said, adjust the angle of your hands until you can get the YoYo to stay at the angle you want it. Another thing that may attribute to this tilting is your throw - you may be tilting the YoYo as you throw it.

Practice your throw, practice your landing, and practice keeping your hands at the right angle. Soon enough it will be second nature. :slight_smile:

thanks guys. this really helps. i am already better… i know this because I have been annoying my sibs. and parents by yoyoing every moment.

Haha, don’t worry, were here to help.

Also, I do that all the time. :wink:

But i bet you don’t have 2 yr old twin sisters who are always telling you in there cute voices to stop doing that with your yoyo. :smiley:

Another thing that helped me was facing a wall about 2 feet away and then throwing a trapez over and over. It forces you to keep things straight.

Sounds like a good idea… so I am now working on split the atom and I have the same problem it keeps turning to the side right after i get it to the part where you do the brain twister at the end… Ideas??

I have 3 younger brothers…

It is spinning the opposite way, so if it is leaning to the left, pull your back hand to the right, if it is leaning to the right pull your back hand to the left.

Hope this helps.

I have 3 younger brothers as well. plus 2 younger sisters not counting the twins… (no I am not the oldest…)

How many kids in the fam?

Eight in mine.

Plus two parents equals…

10 people in my family!

10 kids 2 parents… 12

Haha, nice. :smiley:

Make sure your breakaway is straight