The man keeps falling off the trapeeze


ok i been yoyoing for about 2 months now, and im still trying to get the hang of the trapeeze. i land it on the string, ill say about 75% of the time. most of the time the yoyo just falls odd the string. ( guess its a good thing he is still working with a net) any ideas on what im doing wrong and how to correct. or is this just a rookie thing i have to overcome. oh btw im throwing a kickside. i also have a darkmagic 2, but i dont wanna use it till i get better. dont wanna get it all dinged and scratched
thanks for the help


okay, first of all, dont be afraid to use the DM2 with the thin bearing, it will really help your spin time and stability. make sure your string is straight in the gap of the yoyo, or else it will lean very badly, which sounds like your problem. This video may answer some of your other questions.

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I don’t think the dm is going to make a differance practicing trapeze… Anyways, most of the time its because they aren’t throwing a straight breakaway. Try working on just the breakaway, then landing the trapeze.


Like what the people that posted said learn the breakaway practice it.


Btw yoyos get dinged/scratched most of them dont effect play so dont worry about it.
The ding makes the yoyo one of a kind.


shorter string? Bring your finger AS CLOSE to the yoyo as possible.

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It will fall off the string if its not falling INTO the string. You’re probably trying to land it ONTO the string its supposed to land INTO the string. Give it some slack and let it be cradled instead of heelping the string taught and making it balance.

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The string will hug it around the sides and keep it from tilting over.


thanks for all the helpfull advice. i am precticing my breakaways, and will continue to do so. ill try to experiment with string lenght and see what that does.
thank you Mi, never thought of "craddling " the yo on the string. makes pretty good sense. ill try it
Thanks again


Don’t be afraid of using your DM. If you’re afraid of dinging it, use it in a nice clear area over carpet or over grass.

Ensure you are throwing the yoyo nice and strong and smooth. The yoyo needs to be spinning with lots of energy (able to sleep a long time) to help it stay stable.

Does your yoyo spin straight up and down or on an angle? If you throw on an angle it’s harder to land a trapeze… To test, do a breakaway and don’t go straight into trapeze. Just let it swing. See the angle it’s pointing to. If it’s tilted vertically you need to work on your throw. You should be able to see straight down the gap in line with the string. Now swing it up towards your finger - try and ensure your swing is directly in line with the gap in the yoyo. If everything is lined up your trapeze will be much easier. ;D

If you do land a trapeze with the yoyo on an angle, the string will rub the side and cause it to tilt and fall. If you’re in a trapeze and the yoyo is tilting away from the string, move/rotate your hands around so it rubs the string the opposite side. If you do it right the yoyo will magically start tilting back the opposite way. Once you know this trick you can correct the yoyo angle while it’s still on the string and ensure it’s always straight up and down before you proceed.

Hope these hints help. :wink:


Mi the advice you gave me is working like a charm. thanks for the help
pavig, ill keep what you said in mind
thank you all once again for your help

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No problem. :slight_smile:


use the dm you will love it and it will help you a lot over all. Make sure you are giving it a little slack when it has landed on the string.

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Good call…I do this all the time but never have seen anyone mention it. It’s an easy way to salvage a bad throw.


Yeahh always try to snag the string as close to the yo as you can. Gives the yo yo a shorter length to go making it more accurate. I am in the same spot you are but I just started getting them better.


yeah, cradle it. if you watch the video he cradles it. not landing it ON the string. and just practice :smiley:

believe it or not, i learned how to actually land a trapeze, after i did double or nothing. so you could try that…but if not. :stuck_out_tongue: its fine.


Here’s some visual advice :wink: