YoYo Drops from string

I have DragonFly yoyo im beginner and when im making sleeper and shoot yoyo somethimes it drops to the right side (always) from the string

i can`t make man on Trapeze or Brain Twister
if i can make it string will be curled :@

So give me advise or help me please ???

You’re swinging the yoyo to far to one side. Make sure that you non-throw hand finger in not at an angle when you swing the yoyo around it. Also make sure when you try to catch the yoyo on the string catch it closer to your non-throw hand because it’s easier to do that way.

Remember this is one of your first string tricks so this stuff is going to take time keep practicing. C=


and i thought it was becuase one side of yoyo i mean picture on it is twirling and on other side not maybe it`s problem ?

when im making Man on trapeze after brakeaway im catchin on string yoyo but it drop on other side and string goes ( as after UFO :slight_smile:

Once you catch the yoyo on the string try to let it slide more to the middle and give it some slack that way it wont fall off.

or string tention

Maybe you have a case of tilting. If you throw from a breakaway, after you land the trapeze, move the loop/string that is on the left to correct the tilt. Slave has a video for it.
Move the string on the left so it’s like grinding on the yoyo. This will make the yoyo tilt the other way. But this is not a solution to you problem. You need to practice your throw well, so you don’t need to correct tilt. Throw straight and align well. When you throw if it is tilted, try curving your arm,wrist the other way and throw. Just do it until you get it right. Good Luck :wink: