hard to make the yoyo balance

I’m just start learning the advance trick some days ago,
I’ve a problem maybe many people have…
while I’m doing those tricks start with breakaway such as Martix, McBride Roller Coaster, Buddha’s Revenge, these three I’ve stuck for some days
the yoyo easily lose the balance and twisted :frowning:
I won’t have this problem while I do the trick like split the atom, Zipper, Wormwhole, etc
Can anyone give me some tips to tackle this ???

If you meant your yoyo is tilting…thats normal for all yoyos
just practice your throw, practice your hard throw

but if you meant twisting while doing a side trick
try not letting the string touch the sides of the yoyo much
it might cause it to be off balance or watsoever
try much to make your string in the middle as possible

I mean the second one…
I also know the trick is dont let to string touch the yoyo…
but it really hard :frowning:

how about try to adjust the gap of your yoyo (if it’s a adjustable yyj yoyo)
What’s your yoyo and is it responsive or not?

when your yoyo is like going left or right just follow the flow
wherever it goes you goes (am I making sense? lol)

practice your side throw (breakaway)
keep string in center
follow the flow of the yoyo

Kenz’s advice should help alot. Also, try not to pull your strings too tightly, give it a tiny bit of slack. The most important thing to do is to practice throwing straight breakaways, and practice aligning the string with the yo. The reason you don’t have the problem with from tricks is because your front throw is straighter, and when in front, its easier to align the string with the yoyo.

Practice, we talkin’ bout practice. Practice. No not a game, we talkin’ bout practice. (Allen Iverson anybody?) Ha ok but seriously just practice your throw. When you start to get a good throw most of the time, you will probably still get a few bad ones (or at least I do) in which case you listen to this: Throw a trapeze. Move your NTH (nonthrowhand) away from you and your TH (throwhand) towards you. Notice how the yoyo starts to tilt. Now bring your NTH towards you and your TH away from you. Notice how it tilts the other way. You can use this to adjust the yoyo before, during, and after tricks.

This is probably not the throw. This happens during the trick itself. You just have to keep the string away from the walls. This is easiest if you keep your hands paralell with the string.

I’m just using a Legacy.
My throw is quite striaght
The thing is , that hard to keep the string not touching the wall
I’ll keep praticing those tricks!!
I can now max do 3 times of matrix w/o taking back the yoyo…
however, I cant finish roller cosater since the yoyo stop spinning :-[
I think I should do more push up first :stuck_out_tongue:

If mine tilts I just move towards the way the yoyos tilting so it’s perfectly stright again :stuck_out_tongue:

So,the yoyo is tilting in the middle of the trick?
Is it something like this?

that is~~
thanks a lot, and now I know how to tackle with :smiley:

You’re welcome.

That’s what I was talking about.

Note: the faster the yoyo is spinning, the more it gets slowed down from the string and the slower it takes to tilt it back; the slower the yoyo is spinning, the less it gets slowed down from the string and the faster is can be tilted back.