stuck ?

What am I doing wrong, I keep missing the string with the trapeze ?

happens to everyone that starts just keep practicing also try to keep ur finger closer to the yoyo so when u push it u have a higher chance of landing it.

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when the yoyo swings around your finger, keep your throwhand still and let the string go a bit looser once youve landed it. so it should be more like a V than a ----

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maybe you need to practice your break away first. then you can do a trapeze

Try useing a shorter string if you have not already shortened it.
Also try to have your throw hand and non throw hand holding the string in plain with the gap of the yoyo. As well as move your non throw hand down the string as close to the yoyo as possible.
Any one of those things will help.

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Are you using a butterfly yoyo? It really helps. Though, hte num. 1 reason for missing a trapeze is a crooked breakaway. You might want to try standing against a wall and throwing. You also might want to just try land it on the string after you throw your breakaway. Also, try to land the yoyo close to your finger, that will give the yoyo less room to move back and forth.