HELP please !!!

I have some problems with the trapeze. I can’t land my yo-yo on the string and if I manage to get my yo-yo on the string it stops. I’m using the Active Peoples G-spin.

Can anyone help me???

Well, for the problem with landing the trapeze, just practice. Other then the tips Andre have given, one of my tips is try and slide your finger against the string and push down going down the string a bit to pop the yoyo. This will give it a straighter swinging yoyo so it’s easier to land on the string. I haven’t heard of the yoyo and when I saw some videos of it, my guess would be that the yoyo isn’t landing perfectly on it. I’ll try to research some more on it.

First you should practice getting a straight breakaway. After that try trapeze again.Another tip would be to make the yoyo go a close as possible to your nth

It can’t be the problem of landing the yo-yo straight. If I do the Brain Twister the yo-yo stops half way on the first turn.

Then it probably is that problem. You really have to work on keeping the string going right down the center of the gap.

Work on your throw, sleeper, and positioning and your yo-yo won’t spin out as fast or easily. Sometimes people can’t land the trapeze because they aren’t used to the feeling and pose. Just put the dead yo-yo on a trapeze mount and hold it there for about 30 seconds - a minute until you can get it in one motion.