Trapeze problems

How come whenever i go to land the trapeze my yoyo begins to spin out as soon as it lands on the string?

Try having a more powerful and straight breakaway when you attempt this trick, then it might not spin out. Also try watching the string in the gap when you land the trapeze-is it touching the side of the yoyo? You want to try and have the string centered in the gap. And keep trying and practicing this trick over and over and you’ll get it down.

What yo-yo are you using?

are you using cotton string? tht adds friction. that happened to me too. maybe if you switched to slick 6 or 100% poly string. hope that helped!

if you are using a fixed-axle, yoyo (think duncan butterfly or yoyofactory firedog) the string will put a tremendous amount of pressure on the yoyo, causing it to spin out almost immediately. if you are using a bearing yoyo, you should probably take the yoyo apart and take the bearing out. put the bearing on the tip of a pencil and just spin it around with your finger. if it does not spin for more than a second or two, it might be over-lubed, meaning that it will not move very well when the yoyo is sleeping. you should then clean the bearing with mineral spirits. put some spirits into a small glass. you shouldn’t need much, just enough to soak the bearing. it takes about ten minutes for the bearing to be cleaned. then take the bearing out and wait for it to dry. if all of these things do not work, then you should probably make sure that when you are landing the trapeze, you are not pushing the string against the side of the yoyo because that will wear the spin down a whole lot. a straight trapeze will come with practice. it took me a couple weeks to get a good trapeze. once you get it, however, the rest is history.

It really depends on what yoyo you use, and how hard of a throw. If you want to learn a trapeze, try a yoyo with a bigger gap.

try straitening your breakaway. 1 way to do this is by standing a foot from a wall facing it and doing a breakaway. after every 3 successful breakaways, move in an inch. i can do it 3 inches away.

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Throw the yoyo in a for a regular sleep as straight as posible then twist 90 degrease counter clock wise and grab the string flip it on the string if your problem continues

Result to learn section on yoyo expert

But that doesn’t help him. He needs to learn the proper Breakaway, not a way to get around it.

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When I was first learning Trapeze on my Mosquito, I had the same problem. But as time passed, my breakaway got better, I was hitting the string more consistently, and I was remembering to pop the Yo-Yo back of the string and catch it.

Just keep trying over and over again, and the tiny errors in your technique will slowly fade away :wink: