Trapeze help

Whenever I do the trapeze my yoyo just leans to one side and stops spinning and I’m sure my breakaway throw is straight. Help.

Do it over and over and over and over again. You’ll get it, it takes time. What yoyo are you using? te problem is probably your breakaway even if you think its straight. If you do a break away and and stop it does it do the same thing?

Yomega dash. Sometimes it straight sometimes it isn’t ( I forgot to write it on the top) but it when my yoyo is on the trapeze it always lens to the side

I’ve had so many good memories with this trick. It’s all about keeping the string AWAY from the sides. When the string is tilted to one side of the yo-yo, it causes the string to tilt because of the string attached to your finger and then your string that is holding the loop to hold the trapeze. Many players actually do this same motion to keep the yo-yo straight. However, your problem is that you the strings tilt to the side.

So, try and keep the loop that holds your trapeze, and the string running from your finger to the yo-yo PARALLEL. Doing this will keep the yo-yo from leaning.

Have Fun!