Man on Flying trapeze

hey guys I always wanted to do this trick but never could do it. I have a lot of trouble doing that first step of landing the yo-yo on the string after the breakaway.

I tried people’s advice in the chat trying to keep hand close to string and watched the video on it. I am not sure if it’s cause I am a “baby” or something or I am not seeing where the string will wrap around my finger to try and get the yo yo on the string.

I am using a X-brain yoyo.

So any help would gladly be appreciated!

EDIT: please don’t use bad language.

work on ur breakaway and try landing the string without a breakaway

Get something butterfly shaped! this will REALLY help.

Ace is right, but it isnt necesary. In fact, I think that you have a butterfly shaped yoyo, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, try putting your finger on the last 2/3 of the string, and quickly moving it toward the yoyo as the yoyo gets closer to the end of its arcx around your finger

Pushing downward against the string might help too.

Some people throw the Breakaway and put there finger on the top of the string* and slide it along the string until it’s about 2-3" from the Yo-Yo. This way you don’t have to worry about intercepting the string with your finger. This technique might not help much for actually landing the Yo-Yo on the string, so here’s some advice; let the Yo-Yo hang at the bottom of the string (not spinning), and swing it up over your finger as if you were doing a Trapeze. Do this repeatedly until you get to the point that every time you do it, you feel the Yo-Yo hit the string (it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t actually land on it, it just has to hit the string). Now, combine this with a spinning Yo-Yo and a Breakaway and you’ll probably have more success. Still, Butterfly shaped Yo-Yos will help this technique even more.

*The top of the string is where it’s tied to your finger.

well, you can always do the elevator trick and “land” the yoyo on the string. If you want to do the trapeze with a breakaway, get a butterfly shaped yoyo, and practice swinging a dead yoyo on to the string(i mean touching the string, not landing it since i know the yoyo spins in a circle when it’s dead).
Finally, when you are sure that you can land the yoyo at least 50% of the time, try it with a spinning yoyo in a breakaway. About the not being able to know where to put your finger when the string comes up, you might want to practice getting straight breakaways if you know what I mean, so that you know where the string is going to be before you throw the yoyo in a breakaway. Hope this helps!

Thanks for all your replies guys I gotta try this out!

Your welcome :wink:

My pleasure helping you. ;D