How to land trapezes more often?


Hello. Just a quick question. How can I land trapezes more often? And I cannot even get it to go around my finger. Thanks.


When you throw a Breakaway, through high, and hard. This’ll give the yoyo enough momentum to go wherever you direct it. With your finger in the way, it’s bound to wrap around it. At this point, it’ll just take practice.


Once again, just practice. Make sure the yoyo has momentum when you try to swing it around your finger. Don’t let it just sit at the end of the string, and then swing it over. Use the momentum. For a beginner, this is very important.

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Along with getting your finger as close to the yoyo as well


Yeah, this is also good advice. Just make sure it’s not too close, or else the yoyo will hit your finger.


Thanks guys and also, I tried to look for the help section and there is no help section.


I pull with my throwhand out to give it more momentum. You can play with that.


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Found here:,3.0.html


btw you’re trying to get it as close as you can to the NON-throw hand


I don’t know about ‘as close as you can’, which will end up causing a bit of misery in the attempt. But certainly closer to the non-throw-hand (NTH) than the throw-hand.

It’s a more dynamic trick than it seems: if you treat your NTH as a stationary point and then try to get the yoyo and string to “go around it and land on the string”, you’re doomed. By pulling a little bit on the throwhand after the wrap-around starts, and also moving your NTH pointer finger towards the yoyo, you can force the two string segments to be aligned; and if you throw is straight, the yoyo’s gap will therefore also be aligned.

With a modern string-trick yoyo, once you can do this dynamic movement, it’s a “given” that the trapeze will land. You’ll forget that once upon a time you couldn’t do it.

Well, until you pull out a Proyo or classic imperial-shaped yoyo one day and try to land it. And then you realize that your technique still needs a touch of work. :wink:



Great advice Greg! He basically just summed everything up for you OP!


Get your freehand as close to the yoyo as possible, that makes or less distance for it to travel, which makes for less chance to miss!


I don’t think they fly


Something that works for me when learning tricks is to practise in a confined space. For Breakaway based tricks like a Trapeze, try standing in front of a coffee table, sofa, or even your bedroom wall. This will help “force” you to keep your playing aligned and parallel to your body.


This. There are more tricks that will have this “tug-for-align” concept that you may notice as well.


All this will do is ding your yoyo.
Just because there’s a wall in front of you, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be perfectly straight believe it or not.

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Use a dead yoyo. Swing it as if you were doing trapeze, and just have it hit the string. Not land on it, but hit it. Once you can do it 10 times in a row, try it with a spinning yoyo. It worked like a charm for me.


It’s a time-honored and time-proven technique to yoyo near a wall to improve your ability to throw straight and parallel. Although you’re less likely to ding your yoyo if you just follow the lines of your hardwood floor or something like that. But you’re more likely to learn quickly if you have to have super focus. :wink: Also, some yoyos can be dinged. Some coffee tables, too; although some cannot!

In any event, frodoslair has forgotten more about yoyo than I’m likely to learn, so I wouldn’t dismiss that advice out of hand; take it for how it was meant: restrict your space and use a “guide” of some sort.


If your technique is that sloppy, try swopping the wall for a soft sofa :wink: Or do as GregP suggests and find another guide, such as the lines on a hardwood or tiled floor. You could even lay a broom down to give you a guide.


I would use my carpet

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