Trapeze help?

Hi, once i get my new yoyo (Dark Magic) I will be starting to learn string tricks. I have tried trapeze with other yoyos similar to dark magic and im having some trouble with it. Its not so much getting to land on the string but throwing the yoyo at the start. I cant really throw sideways. Any tips/help for me? ???


Other than that, try turning the yoyo sideways (caps facing towards you) and then throwing sideways. After a certain point, it kinda clicks.

ok, thanks.

This reminds me of when i started yoyoing. I do almost everything with right arm except writing and tennis/bad mitten. I could never do a breakaway until one day it just clicked. But in the mean time you could just throw a sleeper than turn your body to do trapeze and other tricks. That’s just what i did until it finally clicked. Hope it works out for you! Good Luck!

Try sliding your finger down the string towards the yo-yo instead of just letting the yo-yo go around your finger. This builds up momentum and get the yo-yo on the right way, instead of it just flying on. It makes the yo-yo a bit slower so you react faster.

~yo! shi!

Thanks everyone. I finally got it right. now i can do it most of time.

Next step is eli hops

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