So last night I was messing around with Double or Nothing to try to come up with a trick, and I actually did! It is the first trick I have ever invented, and I am so pumped! After five months of yoyoing, I did it! I MADE A TRICK!!! I hope this hasn’t already been invented…

Here is how it goes:

Breakaway - Swing yoyo around NTH index and thumb, then TH index, then NTH index to land in a Double or Nothing with your NTH thumb involved - Toss yoyo thru loop opened wide with your NTH thumb and drop out the NTH thumb - Land in a mock Triple or Nothing with crossed strings in the middle - Curl you TH index in to drop the string farthest up on you TH index - Roll yoyo counter-clockwise, like dismounting a Double or Nothing - Open the loop with crossed strings with your NTH thumb - Hop the yoyo that is in a mini trapeze onto the bottom string of the loop that your NTH thumb is opening - Flip the yoyo into the top string, like the last step in Buddha’s Revenge, to land in a cross-armed GT - Pop yoyo out of the GT away from you into a crossed string Trapeze - Do a Jump Rope to get into a normal Trapeze - Swing yoyo off the Trapeze pop it to the left when it swings all the way to the right and land to yoyo in a Reverse Trapeze - Bind

I hope I explained it well enough! I REALLY hope that nobody else has already invented it!

I don’t have a name for this trick yet, so if anybody has ideas, please do tell!

Also, if anybody has recently created their first trick, please post how to do it on this thread!


Any possibility you can make a video…?


Not really…


But rednecks always find a way…


Hahaha, you are the first person to comment on my username. I ain’t too red, but I sure do live in the good ole South! (See what I did there?)

Anyway, I currently don’t feel comfortable posting videos of myself.


You dont have to post your face in the vid, just your body and the yoyo. Im going to read it and see if I can do it!


Hey, if you’re going to start making up tricks, write the name of the trick down and list the steps so you remember them later on. I’ve made up so many tricks and forgot them it makes me feel stupid. Keep em’ all in a notepad or something, a notebook.


Yeah, I am going to do that soon. I watched the tutorial on making tricks from Zammy (which I didn’t even think of when I made this trick), so I was planning on it. I have been doing it CONSTANTLY though, so I haven’t had any trouble not remembering. Not to mention I have written it down on this thread, LOL.


NO WAY! I seen that video just yesterday and was going to write mine down after seeing it xD


I read your steps and now I have a headache :stuck_out_tongue:


lol at thinking i’m gonna read all that. There’s a reason yoyo didn’t really start evolving until the internet and online video came about, that’s because using words to describe yoyo tricks is terrible.


Trying to learn Eiffel tower from a book made me bash my head into a wall.


Or split the atom


Imagine trying to learn that nuclear fallout picture trick (I think that’s what it’s called. Too lazy to check) from a book.



Sorry guys, but for now, I won’t be making a video. I will probably make a tutorial for it if I start a YouTube channel.