just made up beginner trick is it original?

hey i just made up this trick and was wondering if it was an original. ;D
check out video please!

it’s not really a trick.  check this video of the matrix out.

k thanks

Its a double or nothing mount with dismount. Not new but see if there is anything new you can come up with from that.

thanks and ill try jwil.

Good :slight_smile: honestly I have hit a wall when it comes to learning new stuff ano what I have done in the mean time is. Work on perfecting everything I know, get it as smooth and silky as possible and blend all the stuff you know. Blend the different tricks in different orders so you confident in know exactly what the yoyo is doing. Im not knocking learning as much as possible but sometimes I feel like people try to learn a crap load of tricks but never spend the time in making those tricks looks super smooth and effortless.

I have found that doing this really helps with learning or making your own tricks. I have has hard times with a certain trick then I skip it move to something else, perfect it then come back to thar trick an wonder why it gave me a hard time before. Just takes practice practice PRACTICE. keep up the good work.