In this thread, I’m going to try to post a new trick every week (at least), but there won’t videos because I don’t have access to Youtube.I f someone understands it and wants to make a video, they can, simply give me credit in the vid description and pm me the vid first, so I can make sure the trick is being taught correctly. This is my way of making myself more creative and giving back to the yo-yoing world for all it has given me. I will add new tricks through post edits.

So this first trick is one I call the Hurricane.
Start in a double or nothing.
Flip the yoyo into the top middle sting like the first part of a cold fusion. You should end this step with your hands crossed.
Uncross your hands while swinging the yoyo counter clockwise over both hands.
Flip into a 1/2 mount like Buddha’s revenge, then flip counter clockwise over both hands, again like Buddha’s revenge.
Underpass the yoyo with your freehand, like an and whut.
From there, flip it clockwise over both hands.
Curl your freehand pointer to drop off the outside loop. You should now be in a 1/2 mount. Swing the yoyo clockwise while intercepting the string that is closer to you on the outside of your throw hand, just like an amuse. The yoyo should fall out of that loop.
Hop it up and back into a double or nothing, then dismount into trapeze.
Press your throw hand pointer into the loop around your freehand pointer and spin the yoyo clockwise three times.
Then press your freehand pointer into the string coming from you throw hand and spin counter clockwise once.

I found it works well if you inject a Buddha’s Revenge in it as well.

So this second trick is called a Rattle Snake.
Start by doing an Oliver Twist.
Next, do a suicide 1.5.
From there swing the yoyo clockwise once, and as it is coming up for a second time around, let go of the loop of string.
The string should whip out; catch this loop with your freehand.
You should now be in a Trapeze, but with an except with and extra loop around the bearing.
Underpass the yoyo with your free hand, leaving you in a Trapeze.


could you maybe email a video to me and I can put it up?


Its not that I don’t have YouTube, I’m 13 and my parents won’t let me. But its fine if you want to make your own video, just give me credit for the trick in the vid description.


Use Vimeo. :wink:


Yeah, I can’t put videos of myself on the internet at all. Oh, and if you want to make one, pm it to me first so that I can make sure its right.


I’ll try it and see if I can do it correctly