OK, I read the original post of this thread from rsmod and I thought it was a great idea, but since no one seemed to read his original instructions, the thread flopped. So let’s try this again. In the original thread, rsmod’s instructions were:

 "Explain to us your most complicated trick, in Text   Explain the most complicated trick you know, that has many segments, many triangles, and many knots! In text  Tongue I know its gonna look weird, but thats the point of the thing. I just wanna see how funny your most complicated trick in text looks like  Grin"

So basically what everyone missed is to EXPLAIN the trick STEP-BY-STEP, like a tutorial without picture or video. So every reply to this topic should be absurdly long and confusing, as we’re looking for a step-by-step how-to for everyone’s most complicated trick.

With that in mind, I’ll start with my 2nd original trick, Quasar.

Throw a trapeze
Wrap the string around your throwhand like preparing for a magic drop, but wrap it around your whole hand instead of just your thumb and index finger
Pop the yo-yo off your non-throwhand side and come back over your whole throwhand landing in a quasi trapeze and bro
Drop the string off your non throwhand
Underpass the very bottom string on your throwhand side
Roll the yo-yo onto the string directly connected to it and have this come to the side closest to you (basically the same as a Spirit Bomb or Magic Drop dismount, only with a much smaller string length)
Drop the outside string on your non throwhand pointer (the one you didn’t land the yo-yo on) and let it wrap around your throwhand
Pop the yo-yo off to your non throwhand side again for another trapeze and bro
As the yo-yo is swinging around (before you land the trapeze and bro) curl all your fingers in on your throwhand except for your pointer. You only want the yo-yo to come around your pointer in this step.
Pop the yo-yo back off the trapeze and bro
While it is swinging around, remove your throwhand pointer and intercept the string on the opposite side, so that the string can catch on your throwhand pointer for the swing to the opposite side
Swing the yo-yo over as if to land in a quasi double or nothing
Before the yo-yo lands, let all of the strings on your throwhand slide off except for the original magic drop-ish wrap you made in the beginning
By the time the yo-yo lands, it should only land in a trapeze
Do a magic drop to the front string
Pop the yo-yo onto the back string
Do the Spirit Bomb/Magic drop dismount motion as mentioned earlier (still land on the back string)
Make a pinch in the string with your throwhand thumb and palm
Drop the front string on your non throwhand to create a slack loop
Pinch the string on your non throwhand, then let go of the original pinch
Pop the yo-yo off to your non throwhand side
Use your non throwhand to pull the slack and create a larger loop
Swing the yo-yo around and through the slack loop
As the yo-yo swings through the slack loop, let go of the pinch so that all of the strings pull taut
Swing the yo-yo onto the bottom string of the string formation on your non throwhand side from the front
Drop the string on your throwhand thumb and you will be in a green triangle!
Dismount from the front to a trapeze
Bind and return

Whew! That was a mouthful! Now let’s hear all yours. Please, please, PLEASE try and follow these rules, and I’m sure this will turn into a really cool thread. The coolest part about this is it forces you to really sit down and analyze all of your motions in the steps you use. Try it out.

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My first trick I made was more like a combo I made a tutorial a while ago and put it on my youtube.
it kinda hard to explain in words but i’ll try.
first, you throw a double or nothing then cross once like Cold Fusion and then again like cold fusion.
Then flip to the right and then to the left without dropping a string.
Then stick your right hand finger through the loop on your left finger and flip the yo-yo onto the string on farthest from you on the right side.
then flip twice and stop at the Buddhas Revenge like step.
Then do Budahhs Revenge but only one rep.
Then do a Ripcord on the left side where the trapped trapeze thing is.



Haha thanks ;D

I hope this thread actually works out well.

Houdini Mount.
Take the strings connecting from your thumb and throwhand index finger, and open it bigger with your throwhand thumb and index finger.
Pop the yoyo through the underside of the mount.
Swing it around and hit the the string furthest away from you.
Drop everything on your freehand, you will get a weird wristmount thingy.
take your freehand and underpass it
Pop the yoyo up forward onto the higher string that you underpassed into.
Swing it around into a trapeze
Swing it back into the mount.
Pop it from the back onto the top string of the underpass
swing it around into trapeze
Swing back into mount
Underpass and swing it out from the front, and around all the strings into the back, like Bever’s hourglass version.
Swing it into a trapeze.
Swing it onto the part of the mount that is connected to your throwhand thumb and index.
Magic drop onto front string.
Swing it around and do the ladder escape slack part.
Throw it into the top of the triangle.
Drop the triangle, and leave the strings on your freehand pointer and thumb.
Do hourglass with it.
Drop the string on your thumb, and pass it under the triangle that pivots the hourglass that connects to your thumb.
Get the yoyo in front of all the strings.
Put it on the part of the mount that is furthest in front, attached to your freehand pointer.
Swing it around without going over any strings
Do the last part of plan D
Don’t drop any strings, and go out from infront of the mount.
Land on the tiny triangle connected to your freehand pointer.
Drop your Freehand thumb
Drop your Freehand Index
Drop your throwhand strings
Ends in a triangle.
Do the drops in a rhythm like Hitoshi’s triangle
Dismount triangle from front.

or ladder escape…

This trick I made up.

I dont want to explain it, so I will post a video later.
Haha, I’m a thread killer :stuck_out_tongue:

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