Your Most Complicated Trick

Explain to us your most complicated trick, in Text O0 Explain the most complicated trick you know, that has many segments, many triangles, and many knots! In text :stuck_out_tongue: I know its gonna look weird, but thats the point of the thing. I just wanna see how funny your most complicated trick in text looks like ;D

You probably won’t understand this, but here is an

Here is my latest trick, Hunter.

Houdini Mount.
Take the strings connecting from your thumb and throwhand index finger, and open it bigger with your throwhand thumb and index finger.
Pop the yoyo through the underside of the mount.
Swing it around and hit the the string furthest away from you.
Drop everything on your freehand, you will get a weird wristmount thingy.
take your freehand and underpass it
Pop the yoyo up forward onto the higher string that you underpassed into.
Swing it around into a trapeze
Swing it back into the mount.
Pop it from the back onto the top string of the underpass
swing it around into trapeze
Swing back into mount
Underpass and swing it out from the front, and around all the strings into the back, like Bever’s hourglass version.
Swing it into a trapeze.
Swing it onto the part of the mount that is connected to your throwhand thumb and index.
Magic drop onto front string.
Swing it around and do the ladder escape slack part.
Throw it into the top of the triangle.
Drop the triangle, and leave the strings on your freehand pointer and thumb.
Do hourglass with it.
Drop the string on your thumb, and pass it under the triangle that pivots the hourglass that connects to your thumb. (:P)
Get the yoyo in front of all the strings.
Put it on the part of the mount that is furthest in front, attached to your freehand pointer.
Swing it around without going over any strings
Do the last part of plan D
Don’t drop any strings, and go out from infront of the mount.
Land on the tiny triangle connected to your freehand pointer.
Drop your Freehand thumb
Drop your Freehand Index
Drop your throwhand strings
Ends in a triangle.
Do the drops in a rhythm like Hitoshi’s triangle :stuck_out_tongue:
Dismount triangle from front.

Its such a tough trick that I took 7 hours to make it while training my strength in runescape :stuck_out_tongue:
And another few hours to master it without spinning it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Start posting them ;D

Its so long…

And Lader Escape also is about as complicated.

Last Crusade

My hardest trick is gyrolutions. Only landed it once.

You throw the yoyo down and it spins. Almost impossible to master.

You should try throwing it up instead.

Winding it up! I just can’t do it!

Seriously, Plan D. Not very complicated, I just never bothered to learn ladder escape, kamikaze, superman, or spirit bomb. I make up my own tricks.

But if I had to choose it would probably be Candy Rain. For some reason I just can’t get it.

Okay maybe i didn’t explain what you were meant to do properly.

What I want you to do is explain your trick in text. Explain stuff like ladder escape if you can do it in Text, i just wanna see how funny it turns out.

So don’t just tell us the name, tell us how its done in text. Don’t post a video, just let us read the text :stuck_out_tongue:

I know its almost impossible, but thats the point.

Ok then…Last Crusade:

You throw that metal thingy from your hand and then you do this a couple times and then that and this and that and a little BAZAM and you got it.

lol!!! just lmao

Shisaki made a funny ;D

i do the same thing but im sort of broke right now so i throw a plastic thingy

i dont have a complicated trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock the Crandle.

Happy Throwing! =]

Man this is dumb, nobody is reading what you’re supposed to write. I really wasn’t expecting this :stuck_out_tongue:

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