What is the hardest 1A trick?

So, my brother kept asking me what the hardest yo-yo trick is and I keep telling him there really isn’t a “hardest yo-yo trick.” This wouldn’t be a problem except that, this one time, I showed him this sweet trick, he got it into his head that it was the hardest yo-yo trick ever and now he goes around telling people it’s the hardest trick ever. Anyway, I’m always like “bro, you’re spreading misinformation! That is a cool trick, but it is not the hardest trick ever,” and he’s always like “then tell me what the hardest trick ever is!” And I’m like “I DUNNO!”

Anyway, I’m tryna’ put an end to this nonsense. I realize that there really isn’t a hardest trick ever, so if you’re posting to remind me of this fact, then don’t, but there’s gotta be something I can tell him that’s harder than “the matrix” or whatever he’s going around showing people these days.

you are right there is no hardest trick
like for me my hardest trick is kwijibo but i have no problem getting through white buddah
if you think the “hardest” trick is then most advanced one than white buddah (on this site)
but every one has a diffrent hardest trick

%100 percant true. I can do superman, ladderescape, and all that but I can barely do boingy boing (I know, its sad :frowning: ) What i’d do is go onto youtube show him sebastion brock, yukki spencer, augie fash, and stuff. He probably won’t even be able to tell were one trick ends and another begens so he won’t be able to claim what the hardest trick is!

I wouldn’t say there’s a hardest trick. But the hardest things to master are the basics such as Sleeper and Breakaway. This is because it’s really hard to keep everything 100% consistent without tilting, strength of spin and such.

In all seriousness, I would say the hardest trick evolves with the evolution of yoyos and their players.

just tell him ladder escape…


cause it’s a master level trick that a lot of people would argue is the hardest…

PS. You could tell him any of the master tricks i just thought of ladder escape.

tell him chopsticks suicide.it realy is the hardest trick ever.i know one person whoes got it perfectly one,and theyrs not one on video so…there you go.

or you could say that, any of the tricks that are worthy of the title “Master level”.

Chopsticks Suicide 0:49 in.

I don’t think you can name a hardest trick, but my vote goes for breakaway.

ya i just landed 2 (so happy ;D )

He’s my philosafy (don’t think I spelled that right). The hardest trick is the one that is too hard to do and therefore, doesn’t exist. I should make that my siggy or something. :slight_smile:

Tell him the hardest trick is the one where you grapt he yoyo full on, then it magicly lights on fire in the palm of your hand but the fire does not burn you, heat up the yoyo, or burn the string, the in starts flying around wildly and burns down your house. After it burns down your house it gets the desire to take over the world. It burns down the White House, Yankee Stadium, Taj Mahal, Beijing Stadium, Empire State Building, Sky Tower, but then gets bored and just blows up the earth. After he hears this tell him THAT’S why nobody has ever attmepted it.

Several people have have said this, not just Mark here.

I realize what you guys are trying to say here and that is it’s way harder to go from knowing nothing to knowing the breakaway than it is from breakaway to trapeze. Hardest to learn is not hardest to do, though and I am asking about the latter.

Those tricks are freakin’ sweet. I’ll probably go with something like that 'specially since they’ve both got awesome names. Chopstick suicide?! I didn’t even know they were alive to begin with!

Infinite hectuple (made up x6) doulble isawa towers :open_mouth: <— joke. Probably a 3x chopstick suicide.

Googleth Iwasawa Tower. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say sleeper… So simple to do, but near impossible to master

Breakaway is worse then X D

dooood. that is an epic name. what’s the trick look like? i cannot find it on the internet.

also, mitch, mastery of, say “Jamaican Flag” includes mastery of the sleeper throw. same deal with breakaway and trapeze. every single trick in the book is harder than sleeper and breakaway.