hardest trick you can do

what is the hardest trick you can do? and by do i mean you can reliably do it at least three times in a row. For me it is Like a Boss by Zammy. i love like a boss it is so much fun

Dice through triangle suicide. its crazy hard.

Probably Superman.

that sounds hard

Well, anything I can do three times in a row has become easy for me. What I do that can be considered hard by other people?
Horizontal Brent stoles,
My weird laceration stuff from hook to BS to behind the back stuff,
Most body tricks I do…

i dont know… red halo? triple reverse brent stole?double GT tower?

horizontal brent stoles exist o_O?

i agree with you on that one. i cant even do a vertical brent stole :frowning:

Right now I would have to say the youki inspired repeater…

Yuuki slack

Level: Noob (still) but getting better.

Hardest trick? I can walk the dog on concrete with my fancy metal yoyos. I don’t know a ton of people who can do that trick. :smiley:


They do lol I’m pretty much the only one that does them.

And Eric Koloski :wink:

As of right now horizontal fingers spins cause I trimmed my nails and I am just starting to get it consistent

I learned the first two tricks from Janos’ worlds routine and the end of the first one(where the slack goes around the yoyo) is nearly impossible.

all of us can do that trick. its just that we don’t want to scratch our yoyos :wink:

You claim you can but you don’t. So there’s no proof to your claim. Your fear of scratches prevents you from attempting the trick. Therefore, fear won’t allow you to walk that fancy metal on concrete so… :-*

The most difficult trick I consistently do is convincing family and friends that I need another yoyo! I’m very accomplished at it. It’s certainly an under rated trick that should score massive points. At least it scores yoyos which, is better imo. :slight_smile:

someday im going to have a BST and it will say YYJ phenomism (scratched because skitrz convinced me to walk the dog on concrete). now that you mention that as a trick i would say that is the most convincing trick i can do. and i cant always do it either :wink: so if you can reliably do it three times in a row i think that you have a secret you need to share with the rest of the yoyoing community :P.



are you guys trying to see how many posts it takes before i go and walk the dog on cement?