Let me tell you why this is the best trick today

Just an idea for a thread:

Post a video of whatever trick you are feeling at the moment - old trick or new trick, from a tutorial or a freestyle with the time of the trick marked - and describe why you think it kills.

For example…

Creator: Yuuki Spencer
Trick: Cowabunga
Why it’s good: Ok this is a big generalization but frontstyle yoyoing doesn’t get so much attention other than being for braintwister combos. So it’s great to see Yuuki making a frontstyle trick that is pretty fresh, but with classic elements. Great flow and sections - a bit of “rock the baby”, smooth tumbles, and a bind that fits perfectly. So dope how the “rock the baby” part ends by dropping a ton of strings and ending up in a knot mount. The whole thing is composed really well with contrasting sections that make this a very dynamic frontstyle trick. And in general, what I like about Yuuki’s style is on display here: interesting contrasts between sections.


I like the idea! Can’t wait to see where it takes us :slight_smile:

The best trick today is Mexican Duck Pond, because it’s the best trick every day.


Let’s hear a little chatter out there folks, don’t make me triple post.
Frog in a bag is the best yoyo trick today because it’s really cool, and you can do it on your ten dollar yo-yo and your friend won’t be able to do it with his new titanium mega spin 3000.


Cool frog!

Even though this trick is really basic, I love how it looks. The loops of it look so amazing flying through the air.


Shoot the Moon is the best trick today because even though it has been on the basic trick ladder for as long as there has been a trick ladder, you may be the only person in a room full of yo-yo players that can do it well if you practice and get it down.
You don’t have to knock your teeth out learning it, but you might have to bleed a little…

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Wrist mounts, string rejections, what could be more fun?


Still feeling rejected? Learn this, then the group hug.



This trick is going to drive me to drinking, and for that I thank you Steve.


See cow. See cow be. Be cow be.   Pentadruple post y’all!!
Please use this trick responsibly.


Listen, do you smell something? Tasty best trick today …


I <3 this thread, I can post anything I want and everyone leaves me alone!
Anyways, this 2014 classic combines science, high production values, and
the distain all right thinking people harbor for yo-yo balls. Enjoy!


That yoyo trick is so awesome! Most concise tutorial I have ever seen! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Why settle for the best trick today when you can have the best dang trick, ever!.
You guys are ready for this now, Nanda Kanda!


" so get into that dang mount" ^-^ lol

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Ha! I like your eclectic choices :slight_smile:

Part of the reason I wanted to start this thread is because I realize how easy it is to get caught up in the gear (yoyos) of yoyoing instead of the tricks. So thanks for picking up the spirit of it - to share whatever trick that inspires you to keep throwing. Cheers!


My pick is this Takahiro Iizuka trick. (with a nice tutorial!)

This trick was one of the first tricks that I saw using a cool slack element that spins around sideways and is re-caught. Of course that is more common now, but at the time it seemed pretty sick to me. I had this video bookmarked to learn and forgot about it. So now maybe I can get inspired and finally learn this.

Also, I wish Iizuka was still throwing more…well ok, maybe he is but I haven’t seen many videos with him lately. Such a cool technical style but unfortunately he didn’t seem to really nail his contest freestyles cleanly enough or keep the momentum going to stay on people’s radar.


This trick is so cool. I still can’t do it, but I keep chipping away at it, and if I ever learn it, it’s going to be my best trick every day.

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Another gem from the '365,  these tricks look so easy when Steve does them!
A deceptively hard trick is the best trick today.

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