Let me tell you why this is the best trick today


It may seem that I’m leaving you alone but I await anxiously for yor next posts in this thread. You have a knack for finding some real gems!

Much thanks!


You can buy the yo-yos, but you can’t buy the tricks. This one has been frustrating me for years. I got it all down except for the part after the trapeze mount…


I love this thread, and kevinm is the best!


Thanks for the feedback guys, I guess I will keep posting stuff, although I felt better before I knew I had adult supervision.
Anyways, best trick today also involves tasty treats that go good together. The fun thing about this trick are all variations you can work into it. You can get into the start many different ways, you pinch the string w/your nth and pop the yo-yo out to the front when you throw the loop over, then pop it back into the bucket mount instead of trying to slide the yo-yo over like Mr. T does in this vid. It’s fun to mess around with.


The best trick today is a special Friday edition double banger spectacular featuring our hero
Augie Fash. Snap-Wave to Fake Triangle alone will get me through the weekend.


From the Golden age of big hair and even bigger tricks.


This is hard. Great banger.



Because it is like magic. Because it is a trick with its own t-shirt. Because it has a weird name.


^that trick is like magic!
This trick is the best when I am working on trying to get more flow.


If we are not limited to tricks that are humanly possible, this is the best trick you will probably only see one person ever do. Paul is such an amazing innovator.


Yeah, love that one! I also like that it’s inspired by spin tops.


This is the best trick today because Slade shows us bearings don’t have to keep you from keeping your
fixed axle game sharp.


Really best trick all the time. Eric’s video is a little long winded and he needs to clean his room, but
he gives great tips on the B^2 !


This is a cool trick for a rainy Saturday.


Love a detailed tutorial! I’ve been working on my Protrusion (chopsticks boing), so I’m definitely gonna use it! In that vein…

Even though I don’t understand a word of Japanese, this is the best trick (ok, technically, a combo) today because it is also the best tutorial ever! I think it’s basically a preview of a DVD tutorial series.

Also this is the best because… it is Oonishi who is one of the coolest post-Black (Black, the yoyoer of course) Japanese yoyoers with a flair for nice flow and dramatic tricks. And this combo delivers when it comes to nice flow. The one problem (and maybe because its a preview) is that the full trick is at the beginning and words are overlaying on top of it, but anyways…its easy enough to see the desired result.


Best trick double feature. Walk the dog is the best because why have a yo-yo if you can’t play with it??
Hydrogen bomb on a fixed axle done this smoothly is super human. I learned how to throw watching Dennis McBride VHS tapes. The string analyzer helped me a lot. The music left deep emotional scars.



Me too! Those tapes were the bomb back then.


Years ago on Dave’s old forum I made a reference to this, and was so disappointed to be told that Dennis used a Sleep Machine for this VHS! ???

Hahaha! So funny and true! ;D


If you watch the tape it’s pretty much all about Tom Kuhn’s bearing yoyos. There’s no inference that any tricks were done on a fixed axle.


Yeah, I should add that I was also encouraged! Still a great and cheesy title.