Let me tell you why this is the best trick today


You guys made me dust off the old string trick vids… I will have that theme music in my head the rest of the week…
Anyways, Vol 1 all fixed, Vol 2 looks like the sleep machine promo.
I still believe Dennis can do hydrogen bomb on a fixed axle better than I can do it on a sleep machine. If there is ever any question on my progress all I have to do is listen to the sound of the sleepers he throws on Vol1 to know not only am I not in the same league, I’m not even at the ball park yet.


This is the best tutorial today because it ends the way all tricks should, with the player getting tackled.
Lots of trick tutorials would be greatly improved if they would stick to this formula.


These were my thoughts as well.


Stalls and Kick Flips are gateway tricks to introduce or reintroduce folks to fixed axle. Lots of fun, not too hard on the old wrists… but why didn’t they call kick flips side’eh’cides?


Money does not come with instructions, but fortunately yo-yo tricks do.
This trick may give some of you a hint as to what magic beans I bought last night.


Best trick today, Saturday morning high-speed hijinks.


Here’s a few nice binds I found browsing youtube.


da real best trick today. i wish I could learn to throw in slow motion like this.


Palli doing Spencer Berry’s classic trick Rancid Milk.

Palli executes this trick so efficiently and makes the flow of the trick look super nice. That. is. why. this. trick. is. the. best. today.


Time for a fun, easier, trick of the day. Bonus points if you use a glow in the dark die-nasty.


This is the best trick today after a week like this one has been.


haha! refreshing!


Takatsu Tsukasa
one hand chopstick combo

(ok it’s a combo, not a trick)

because chopsticks from one of the masters


This is the best trick today because sometimes you just need a ray gun in your arsenal. Impress your friends and neighbors with the tricks in this Mark Hayward double feature.


I have a lot of yo-yo heroes, but Paul is probably the favorite person I can think of to watch play.
This is the best trick today because Paul is the best at the fingerspin game that there is, and here he gives you free tips on how to be awesome.




The is the best thread on YYE in a long while.


Weekend wildcard edition. Stay frosty people.


Stole this from the Spirit Bomb thread because it’s the best trick today.


New talent time. This is the best trick because it’s new, and it uses your thumb. More accurately it uses his thumbs, but if you play along at home you will have to use your own thumbs.