Let me tell you why this is the best trick today


Whoa!  That guys is the best!  :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the best trick today since I’m biased and this is my own trick.


Nice. I approve.


So you think you got yo?


This is the best trick because when I tried to do it this afternoon I forgot two other tricks and couldn’t bind my yoyo anymore, I had to switch to responsive play and let my brain reset.  Maybe this weekend…


This one should be fun to try…
I’ll carry my No Jive too, in case I forget how to bind.


Is your playing suffering from not being as ill as it could be?
Call or visit the Doc today and ask is Whiskey Tango is right for you.


Those of you that know me have heard me say many times, I don’t like ‘branding’ and I don’t like anybody that likes ‘branding’…well… that was the old me, before I found this swell tutorial.
Now that I can kind of do it, I think it’s the trick of the day, for sure.


I’m going to watch this a couple more times.
Getting it consistent it tough.


Once I learned branding, I throw it all the time. Almost as if by accident. Becomes habit in the middle of a combo.


This is a really cool trick from an awesome YouTube channel that is offering a trick a day. What a concept!
Check out the trick, then check out the channel, then go nuts.


Woo! This is great : )


Nice! I like this one. Of course after trying it I might hate it :stuck_out_tongue:
It looks pretty hard.


Awesome combo! I’ve always loved that maneuver with the yo-yo going around both arms with the slack following (towards the beginning). Guys, where can I learn a basic version of that? Does it have a name?


Zombi time.


I’ve been working independently on a similar idea, but this is way more developed! Thanks for sharing!


I don’t have a camera to film, but the best trick I am enjoying right now is one I made that I have no name for yet. Any name suggestions welcome…

Do a “Sky Bind”(softer pull up is best), but catch the loop as it comes around instead of letting it go into the gap. Then, throw a suicide with that formation (an undermount suicide), then catch and rethrow like suicide around hand, but slap whip into gap as it comes over hand for a bind (forgot this well known bind name). Fin.

Hope you all like it.



This swings,

(InvaderDust) #79

Leanred now polishing Rancid Milk. Really fun sequence!!!


I just can’t keep up with you dude :smiley: