Let me tell you why this is the best trick today

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2 days off man. 2 days of nothing but that trick. Today will likely be the same albiet back at work… :slight_smile:


For good clean (and easily achievable) fun, the Brent is my favorite thing today.

Got em dialed in quickly last night, and they’re just darn fun. Fast, whippy, and easy as heck to land. Plus I love a good dynamic repeater. With the right momentum, its flows well as a great lead up to a wristmount too.  8)


That link doesn’t work for me.  Is it the same as this:

Dust-Where do you work?  I need that job :smiley:


Yup, same video. I guess YYE doesn’t allow direct links to YYT, sorry about that. (updated to YT). Thanks for catching it :slight_smile:

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Hobbytown USA 8)
there we call it “demo-ing”




Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about that one! It is fun, and it’s a good one to do for non-yoers.


Really cool tower trick from an excellent YouTube channel,


Great stuff here.


Just learn to do it smoothly vertically, then throw it horizontally. What could be easier ?
Time to put the mouth guards in and get cracking.


This trick is on the list!


This trick is the best trick today because… well it’s named after Chuck Norris!

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^ How did his beard grow so fast in the video?


You just have to flex the right muscles.


This is the best trick, possibly of the year, because who doesn’t want to distort time and space? Plus, he knocks the ice cream out of that dude’s hand!!! Good stuff.


Nice! I didn’t know he had placed at worlds back in the day.


Not sure this constitutes “a trick”, but I just love this from this throw to the cool regen and bind back to hand!


Tower, rejection, another tower… this trick has everything except a fingerspin or a gyroscopic flop…
Therefore, it is the  trick o de day.


Towers everywhere!

I just got that Doc Pop Rejection Trick, this one might take a while.


best  trick    ever…