Best yoyoers/tricks ever

What do you think the best yoyoers/tricks ever is???

I think that the best trick ever is the sleeper. Without it, 1a wouldn’t be anywhere.


A few standouts to me:

Spencer Berry/Breath
I think for me, this trick epitomizes the “new-school” revolution. It’s still friggin’ hard by today’s standards and is one of the most beautiful tricks out there.

Drew Tetz/Keys in the Car/Kickflips
KitC -Dunno why… but this trick just looks gorgeous. Love it every time I see it.
Kickflips - woah - revolutionizing fixed-axle! COME ON!

Paul Escolar/Magic Drop
This one move is everything I like about yoyoing

MarkMont/2nd Gen Boingy-Boing
The first to do a “2nd gen” trick. I’ve spent the past two months ‘learning’ it and it’s a beast.

Boyd Seth/ 3D Eli Hops
This trick was one of the first to really show what can be done with plane-breaking. While there were other plane-breaking tricks before it (White Buddha 2…) this one encapsulates (in my mind) the type of trick everyone hopes to make some day.

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The best yoyoer has to be Shinji. Despite being unstoppable in 2a, hes amazing in the other divisions too. Hes without a doubt the best of all time.

How so? Kickflips aren’t at all specific to fixed-axle or even responsive play, that’s just what Drew was using when he recorded them.

Yuuki Spencer/ Yuuki Slack
JD/ Grinds in general


True… But I wouldn’t say any trick done on a fixed-axle is specific to fixed axle yo-yos.
Doesn’t mean that there’s not a style that’s conducive to playing on a fixed-axle…

Wow!!! 3d eli hop is amazing!!!

Andre Boulay/Ladder Escape.

Darn I forgot how to do it!

Adam Brewster’s list is great!

Mine will just be a list of tricks that I absolutely had to learn when I saw them. There maybe better tricks, with a deeper history, etc… but these all made a big first impression. More recent except for the first…

a) Kwyjibo. I love tricks that involve arm-crossing maneuvers. They just look so ill to me when done right.

b) Sid Seed repeater in Kaibun. I don’t know the name but it’s the one he does in most every contest freestyle and part of it looks like this:

c) Sarvanters.

d) Tether (made by the one Adam Brewster)

e) Chris Chia whip from 1.5 mount

Gary Longoria/ Seasick.

A trick that only a few people can actually do correctly today. Incredible innovation and a true classic.

Scott Coyle/ Figure 9
If you havent seen it, go look up “wish we were at worlds” from sector_y.
Nuff said.


Where can I see this Keys in the Car trick?

If it would please the court, I would like to nominate:

Paul Han laceration aka Hobie Cat … is the type of trick that I like, very dynamic and wavy

jake bullock is still king! aqueous…



In correct! Yes, you cannot do front style tricks. But, you can do breakaways into side style tricks!

@ Beezy, I am pretty sure that trick from Sid is called Swimming.
It’s hard as all get out. he spent 4 hours trying to teach me at Nationals in '08… still can’t do it.

@Yomorrow, Keys in the Car is in Drew’s video Archery. Should be on Youtube - but my ability to browse the web while on breaks at work is limited. Sorry.

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Nice!! Didn’t know its name. The trick certainly looks like swimming and I think it’s so hard because there’s nothing static about it and the rhythm timing is crucial. After some inside help and lots of practicing, I got it. However, Sid does it frontstyle and I usually do it sidestyle. Love that trick.