Best yoyoers/tricks ever


What do you think the best yoyoers/tricks ever is???

(WildCat23) #2

I think that the best trick ever is the sleeper. Without it, 1a wouldn’t be anywhere.


A few standouts to me:

Spencer Berry/Breath
I think for me, this trick epitomizes the “new-school” revolution. It’s still friggin’ hard by today’s standards and is one of the most beautiful tricks out there.

Drew Tetz/Keys in the Car/Kickflips
KitC -Dunno why… but this trick just looks gorgeous. Love it every time I see it.
Kickflips - woah - revolutionizing fixed-axle! COME ON!

Paul Escolar/Magic Drop
This one move is everything I like about yoyoing

MarkMont/2nd Gen Boingy-Boing
The first to do a “2nd gen” trick. I’ve spent the past two months ‘learning’ it and it’s a beast.

Boyd Seth/ 3D Eli Hops
This trick was one of the first to really show what can be done with plane-breaking. While there were other plane-breaking tricks before it (White Buddha 2…) this one encapsulates (in my mind) the type of trick everyone hopes to make some day.


The best yoyoer has to be Shinji. Despite being unstoppable in 2a, hes amazing in the other divisions too. Hes without a doubt the best of all time.


How so? Kickflips aren’t at all specific to fixed-axle or even responsive play, that’s just what Drew was using when he recorded them.


Yuuki Spencer/ Yuuki Slack
JD/ Grinds in general



True… But I wouldn’t say any trick done on a fixed-axle is specific to fixed axle yo-yos.
Doesn’t mean that there’s not a style that’s conducive to playing on a fixed-axle…


Wow!!! 3d eli hop is amazing!!!

(Khent G) #9

Andre Boulay/Ladder Escape.

Darn I forgot how to do it!


Adam Brewster’s list is great!

Mine will just be a list of tricks that I absolutely had to learn when I saw them. There maybe better tricks, with a deeper history, etc… but these all made a big first impression. More recent except for the first…

a) Kwyjibo. I love tricks that involve arm-crossing maneuvers. They just look so ill to me when done right.

b) Sid Seed repeater in Kaibun. I don’t know the name but it’s the one he does in most every contest freestyle and part of it looks like this:

c) Sarvanters.

d) Tether (made by the one Adam Brewster)

e) Chris Chia whip from 1.5 mount

(Jei Cheetah) #11

Gary Longoria/ Seasick.

A trick that only a few people can actually do correctly today. Incredible innovation and a true classic.

Scott Coyle/ Figure 9
If you havent seen it, go look up “wish we were at worlds” from sector_y.
Nuff said.



Where can I see this Keys in the Car trick?


If it would please the court, I would like to nominate:

Paul Han laceration aka Hobie Cat … is the type of trick that I like, very dynamic and wavy


jake bullock is still king! aqueous…




In correct! Yes, you cannot do front style tricks. But, you can do breakaways into side style tricks!


@ Beezy, I am pretty sure that trick from Sid is called Swimming.
It’s hard as all get out. he spent 4 hours trying to teach me at Nationals in '08… still can’t do it.

@Yomorrow, Keys in the Car is in Drew’s video Archery. Should be on Youtube - but my ability to browse the web while on breaks at work is limited. Sorry.


Nice!! Didn’t know its name. The trick certainly looks like swimming and I think it’s so hard because there’s nothing static about it and the rhythm timing is crucial. After some inside help and lots of practicing, I got it. However, Sid does it frontstyle and I usually do it sidestyle. Love that trick.