Let me tell you why this is the best trick today

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TURBO Repeater. Its fancy looking, its fun, pretty simple, can be fast, and a perfect addition to any 1.5 mount.


best trick of the day, no this is the best trick of all time, if only because it is keeping me from watching the news (period)



re-visited this trick with a more stable yo-yo after giving up on it a while back, it’s still hard to get
the feel for it, but it’s fun! best trick of the weekend for sure


After you get it down, you can do the spin he does sometimes. :smiley:


This is kind of fun. It’s a silly trick that makes no sense, that’s why it has my vote for trick of the day.
Try not to stare at the shirt.

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Hey all!

I don’t post much anymore, just lurk for the most part but beezy this thread was a great idea.

kevinm you have really put exceptional effort into posting all these tricks. I really appreciate the effort and dedication.

Big thanks to the others that have made this a thread that I find myself looking forward to everyday.

Awesome thread! One of my all time favorites.

(maybe this thread should have a special designation in the yoyo trick area of the forum. I hesitate to say the word s_ _ _ _ y as I’d hate to initiate the curse. )


I kept meaning to post this one when Rogue one was released…


Whoa! I hope to be good enuf someday to see what he was showing me!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>



I haven’t learned it. I just think it’s a cool trick. Here’s another injection one he’s done:


Has anyone figured this one out?
I keep getting a knot, which is pretty typical, but I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

It’s a figure 8 knot if that helps…


The force unleashed one is not bad really, but if I recall, a flat bearing helps a little.


I figured it out!
Now if I could only hit the trick…


Some stop n go with the PShift.


What’s twice as much fun as a tower trick? It’s a trick, tower trick double tower question, because the answer is, another tower trick, with double the tower power.


(InvaderDust) #116

Took me about an hour and a half, but I got it pretty consistantly. Even figured a way to end in cross armed GT. Great trick! Good flow disrupter and magic inducer. Also my first injection trick. Huzzah!


^I haven’t tried it yet. Do you find the Peak works best out of your top 3?

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The peak is awesome cause it doesnt have the training wheels alot of modern ones have. You have to be attuned, pay attention, and use a bit of finesse. I love it alot, but would have a hard time calling it the best. Honestly Id give that honor to Tundra.


Well, I was wondering if it worked best for "Force Unleashed"due to it’s shape…


My theory for this trick is that the response and bearing are more important than the sidewalls.

I think it’s actually the response that shoots the string up.