Let me tell you why this is the best trick today

(InvaderDust) #121

Ooooh, yea. LOL im an idiot.

I did the trick with every yoyo in my case, none do it better or worse than any others, but 99% of mine are CLYW so if it is response responsible, than that would make sense.

The trick is, like hes sais, to just have it a few degrees slanted back, like it wants to start being off axis, the harder the degree of tilt, the more aggressively it spits the string out.


This looks like it could be fun, or maybe soul crushing.
Lots of cool tricks on this YouTube channel.

(InvaderDust) #123

Hey i know this one! The trick is flip the string during the rejection slowly around. Too fast and you land inside the loop and wind up with a knot. I get this one about 7 out of 10 times i try it. :smiley:


How can you embed instagram video?

Short chopsticks move from the maestro, tsukasa takatsu
because it is one of those kinds of tricks that makes perfect sense and just needs to exist
and I really need to learn it


Cool! Like a Chopsticks Boomerang…


Cause its something easy and entertaining to do with a fingerspin, and makes me think about my technique. (Throw hard)


2A made easy, by Elephark!


Got it first try😂


if Doctor Strange met Doctor Who…


Cool trick! I like that he’s using the Roll Model, as someone had just asked about it here. Was that on purpose?

It seems like there might be a way to meld it with the Tsukasa Takatsu repeater above…


Partly on purpose, partly because 365 is such a great source for tricks (and ideas, because lots of it is way above my pay grade). The Roll Model is a really cool yo-yo, but it kinda fell between the cracks.
Might have to pick up another one at the discount price.


This is a cool trick someone was showing off at the Raleigh yo-yo club yesterday, so it might be the best trick this week (i’m a slow learner).


This was a tough one. First tension slack and first… Whatever that second part is.


Cause its awesome!


For this trick-o-de-day, you will need the following,
A fresh string, your fav throw, your best knot pick ( I use a nylon zip-tie, works great) and finally a tranquilizer or similar mind altering substance.
1A Tension Hook y’all!


Planning ahead so all of your materials are ready before you start is best practice for any project.

Also, this trick can be done from a DoN or a Houdini Mount, with subtly different results.


Because look at the control this guy has! So boss😄


Nice trick, trick :smiley:


This man’s YouTube channel is nothing but bangers, just pick one for any trick of the day.


Totally agree!  I don’t know why it’s such a well kept secret. Definitely deserves more :heart:

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