Remember that impossible trick? What is your nemesis trick?

We all have had that “holy crap I cant believe I landed that trick” moment.
What would you say your first nemesis trick was, or is right now?

Mine would be the lord of the flies trick.
…Slack tricks bug me…

A while back at a yoyo meet, JohnBot made up a wicked hard trick called clover field that nobody could really get then hang of. I landed the whole thing after a little while and was like wut

Definitely “I Be a Minute GT”. Had a thread begging for help a while ago; had some really skilled players “on it”, and nobody else seems able to land it, either.

Except me  :wink:

It had to be the first time I landed a Brent Stole, and Lord of the Flies. (Slack is hard here to  :D)

Seriously, I don’t mean to call you out, but video or it didn’t happen. You were in the thread where I was asking for tips, and your tips didn’t make sense in the context of the trick.


For me it was rancid milk. I couldn’t see how to twist my hand so it took me days to just get the last two “pops”

:slight_smile: I’ve got it now, just need to polish it up and get more confident in the ending haha

Yeah… 8)

Its complicated, but I tried lol…

So what ended up being the issue? PM me if you prefer. Don’t want to clutter the thread :wink:

Boing-e-boing I know
It’s not that advanced but I could not get this trick for the longest time. Then when I got it it felt like I was king Arthur retrieving the sword from the stone lol

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Mine would be this repeating chopsticks motion shown in Augie’s Hometown Hero @ 1:15 ish

I can get a couple of repetitions around the thumb normally, but I think he drops the previous chopsticks loops which I cannot repeatedly land. Darn thing has driven me nuts for ages. Certainly I can’t make it look that smooth.

Brent Stole. Obviously it wasn’t too long before I landed one or two out of fluke, but to really get an idea of exactly what was happening and to be able to do them consistently took a serious amount of pratice.

That trick is brutal.  I mean, the elements are pretty clear, but your execution has to be perfect.

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Seasick and boingy both took years to get looking right.

Now it’s kickflips. I can hit them but not with the consistency I would like.

So, Bcmaddog sent me something via Instagram. The guy’s legit and can do the trick. :wink: I appreciate that he didn’t just get haughty; instead he took my “calling out” in stride, moved ahead and is helping me out anyways. What a guy! Gotta give him all due respect.



I just now figured out people are having issues???

I didn’t find it that hard to learn.

Took me half an hour to actually land it, then I couldn’t do it after a week, and now I’m working again.

Seasick… I should take that challenge back up.

I can do it. It’s been a while since I’ve done it so the consistency is pretty spotty though.

Trapeze and Brain twister on an imperial!

I remember as a young child hitting trapeze. I knew then that I was destined for greatness! I had seen the yoyo man, Tom Smothers do the trick once, and now that I could, television would never be the same. :smiley: I had also watched him do something called “brain twister.” That was the ultimate goal. I only had my memory to rely on, no slo mo, no replay. I did find an illustrated book to help my memory along a bit. Learning with books and relying on memory after seeing something once or twice was quite the challenge.

I often consider yoyoers today a bit pampered and spoiled. Then I lean back and appreciate how great it is to be spoiled and pampered. Yeah I watch, learn, and get ideas from all the great vids and tutorials too. I rarely look at an illustrated yoyo book. Different times.

Yo, think of it as a cross armed Ninja Vanish where you land it on top of the string instead of the loop for the Ninja Vanish. Idk if that helps haha but one more thing, try doing a Ninja Vanish on top of the string and not in the loop, that helps you get the idea of the trick. Then you basically just go in a cirlce or whatever and it ends in a gt. If you do it right, you even get a stop n go gt, but this gt really isnt the best for that stop n go unless you practice real hard.

Back on track though, I cant seem to land this one trick I made a while ago where I do some wack slack and get into a tower. The area where I have to land the yoyo is like 1 cm wide. Its just saojighksjadghkjsdahgkjs gahhhhhhhhhhhh. Also some of my Janos inspired grinds make me INSANE.

I don’t currently have a “nemesis trick”, but these were some tricks that took me forever to learn (in no particular order):

Spirit Bomb
Brent Stole
Pop n Fresh (I know it isn’t all that hard, but I just COULD NOT get it.)

Thanks, Owen. I though I was doing the vanish correctly, and I’m landing on that cross-string no problem. When I’ve missed or even at times doing it intentionally, I’ve hit the cross-arms Ninja Vanish, which is a hint that I’m doing it OK.

But then when I start the “flips”, everything snags up on me… which leads me to believe either the vanish wasn’t done right, or I’m not concentrating on some particular detail that will prevent those snags. I’ve “hit” the trick with just one flip, leading me to think I’ve done it right “sort of”… but I’ve never done it with two flips. Yet Chuck and now bcmaddog make it look easy. :wink: I just don’t know what the magic switch is to flip in order to start landing this trick.

For Superman, the “switch” for me was also something not explained in videos… coming back in from the Magic Drop, bring your hands closer together and if you tension the strings just “so” (a delicate touch!) you get a good-sized triangle and close proximity to the yoyo in order to do that hop up through the triangle… I feel like I need something like this for the I Be a Minute. “OHHHHhhhhh… if I think of it as holding with my left hand and letting the string go around the yoyo with my right…” (or whatever, just making stuff up).

But when people can intuitively hit a trick without problems, they can’t necessarily discover that kind of tip.