Remember that impossible trick? What is your nemesis trick?

Don’t remind me of that evil trick…

Big ones were ninja vanish and brent stole, still had that feeling, although not as much with tricks like ladder escape.

The biggest one though was when I landed laceration back when I was a noob. The trick didn’t take THAT long to learn but the thought of whipping the string and sticking your finger to create a trapeze just seemed insane at the time.

Ninja Vanish man. And some And Whuts

Kickflip suicide. I’m still working towards getting them with 50% consistency.

Pretty much any trick.

It takes me forever to learn new stuff. I haven’t bothered to really learn anything new since January. Part of it is a lack of motivation, lack of interest and lack of ability all rolled into one package of frustration. The tricks are getting harder, but for me, it’s not proportional.

Oh well. I may have hit a temporary wall. That’s fine. I’ll just smooth out what I do know. At some point, the situation will change and I’ll want to move forward.

You’ve been doing the same tricks for 10 months!?

I’d lose interest quickly without new elements to toy with.

Maybe learning something new or creating something yourself could help bring back your interest and motivation.

Honestly, I’m just not interested in learning anything new. I’m pretty close to walking away right now. I’m not interested in yoyo that much, or any other skill toys or even other styles of yoyo at the moment. However, this has little to do with stuff being exceptionally difficult for me to learn.

However, I don’t want to clutter up the thread with this topic so I’m done talking about it.

Those two tricks are stupidly hard to do and not make it look awkward. So don’t worry, it was that way for me too for the longest time, but eventually it just clicked and became natural.

The first trick in the video I do drop the loop, but in the next element it’s a triple-on lindy loop.

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It will forever be Seasick and Protrusion. :frowning:



Seasick and reverse brent stole. Or cross armed brent stole. Any brent stole variation. I can’t seem to figure any one out except for the original one.

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seasick and brent stole and follow.

Boingy-boing, and brent stole, they too forever for me.

I’ll admit, I’ve been throwing for over 2 years and can’t do Boingy Boing or Seasick. I probably could, but haven’t tried for so long. One trick that I can do but took forever to figure out is White Buddha. I can hit it 99% of the time but I remember how awkward it felt to pop the yoyo out the hold and not hit any of the strings towards the beginning of the trick back in the day (the part where you pop the yoyo out, then swing it right back in).

I’ve just learned it and that part took me forever to smooth out, but everything after that is pretty simple

I think the tricks that gave me the most grief were:
-spirit bomb
-rancid milk
-boingy boing
-2 handed looping
-Brent stole
-Magic Drop (only works from breakaway and as most of you know I don’t do those ;))
and up until Friday night “I Be A Minute” GT was laughing at me.

Most everything else wasn’t too bad.

I learned seasick easily after I watched Jon Bot do it. It was weird.

Ninja vanish and suicide were hard at first.

Ninja Vanish, and plastic whip, (Still cannot get plasticwhip)

Boingy-boing still can’t get that one, magic drop, follow, and when I was beginning DoN took me the longest time to learn along with skin the gerbil. Oh and I be a minute GT took me a long time to figure out finally found out like a month later I was doing it on the wrong side.