Tricks you thought were hard


Wow guys, I just learned white Buddha! I remember when I looked ATM master tricks and thought wtf? How is that even close to possible? How can it be learned??? Now it all makes sense. What tricks have you guys once thought impossible but now mastered? For me it was bounty boing, then cold fusion, then triangle laceration, then and what,then white Buddha. Tell me urs!


Right now. Iron whip, Magic Drop, and Revolutions. I still havent learned them yet! D:


any of jensen’s combos. lol
other than that, they’re all pretty doable with practice.


Seasick still impossible to me…


I used to think that double or nothing was immpossible and I was lucky to even hit it. Then I coudln’t even wrap my head around revolutions and yuuki slack, but now…so childish.


Hourglass, ninja vanish and boingy boing. Brent stole still gives me trouble.


black hops gives me trouble because i have short fingers!! Sucks!

(themikedurdak) #8

Hooks were hard, and what made me mad was that I could do Brent Stole consistently.


Horizontal trick seemed impossible at first. After many hours of practice I feel pretty comfortable doing it now.




shoot the moon


It took me forever to get boingy boingy down


Boingy E Bong, Gyro Flop, Revolutions


Yeah, dawg, bounty boing is freakin’ impossible.

Seasick is real hard, too.


Hahahahahahah! I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to come off as a donkey. “bounty boing”


I really hope I didn’t come off that way, haha, I just couldn’t resist.


you didn’t haha


Walk The Dog
seriously I just can’t walk the dog with my genesis


Having a real hard time with the second part of Kamakazi; the part where you have to do the magic drop. Before that, I was really impressed with my self when I got Matrix and then cold fusion. Consistant Pop N Freshes were a challenge as well.


Haha, when I got the matrix I though I was the man! That’s still the one trick that I subconsciously do every time I pick up a yoyo. Magic drop still is hit or miss for me.

Slack trapeze used to seem really hard for me. It seems that goes for the majority of slack tricks.