Worlds hardest trick? Nah.


How many of u initially thought boingy boing was the god of all yoyo tricks? I know i did. What are some tricks you guys see as YOUR boingy boing? ???


gravity pull. I can spend $190 on a yyr, but I still can’t do it!

(Edmeister) #3

Lemme help you out!
You do a trapeze and then you push up!
Gravity pull Everyone!


White Buddha! ;D


^^That, Over-under boingy-boingy and Kwijibo.


black hops and spirit bomb


First of all…I didn’t intend on thanking you. It was a haphazard button click.

Second of all. I believe dynikus was making a joke, a rather straightforward one at that.

Last but not least…you pull.


It sounds silly now, but…trapeze. I had a yoyo when I was a boy and could do things like walk the dog and rock the cradle. But I watched Tommy Smothers do his yoyo tricks and seeing him land the yoyo on the string was amazing to me, like he was made of magic or something. I had just your normal old Duncan yoyo and tried for DAYS to get that skinny gap to land on the string. I couldn’t even HIT the string with the yoyo! I remember I actually did manage to catch the string one time. The yoyo immediately snapped back at me and almost gave me a heart attack. Never even came close again after that.

Anyhow, fast forward to me being a grownup. I see this kid in my Sunday School class with a plastic grind machine. He showed it to me and the first thing I thought was ‘If I had a yoyo like that…I could do the trapeze trick!’ So I went online and ordered my first modern yoyo, a Legacy.

First trick I learned was trapeze. Made me quite happy.

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I seriously thought Atomic boing boing (now called boingy boingy) was impossible.
I worked on that for like a year and “gave up on it” many a time.
Then one day, it just kinda clicked.



You said a while ago sometimes it’s best to walk away from a trick and then revisit it later. Case and point right there.

I can do Drop In the Bucket, or, maybe I should say I have done drop in the bucket. Odd, the first time I did it, I nailed it flawless and smooth. Consistent? Forget it. Smooth? Not even. I’ll come back to it later.

Right now, Atomic Bomb is starting to click, then I tried it with my new dv888. It’s like learning it all over again. Oh well. Just shows I’m not as good with it as I thought.


Was boingy boing but I can do that now, not flawlessly, but I can do about 10 reps before it starts getting off track. For now I think Eli hops. Just can’t do it.

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the world’s hardest trick is to do whatever trick you’re doing ‘right now’ without being all wrapped up in yourself. challenge for a lifetime.

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Well,the trapeze was actually the hardest trick for me to learn.
I quit yoyoing for a couple months becauuse I couldn’t get it,
but now I see people do it on their third of forth try.
Sure, it bums me out at first,but it makes me feel like a good teacher.


i can spend 120$ for a Wooly Marmot, but i just can’t do Walk the dog


I used to think that Brent stole was completely amazing, then I finally saw a tutorial that actually explained how it worked. Then I realized it is easy. Same with Eli hops.

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no need to be mean about it.
and yes i did know that lol…


That’s odd. I have the exact same problem.


3a Double trapeze. That thing is so hard.

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I think we may have had this thread already; but I could be wrong…

… For me it was Black Hops, Revolutions, and MAGIC DROP (I STILL have issues with that stupid trick). :stuck_out_tongue:


i can pull off some hard tricks like black hops and eli hops flawlessly. at one point kwijibo was impossible for me.

but now…

boingy boing is still impossible
seasick i can do maybe 2 reps if im lucky
and magic drop gives me so much trouble.

edit : oh yeah btb trapeze is killing me =/

edit 2 : grinds kill me just as bad D=

wow… i have a lot to work on