Remember that impossible trick? What is your nemesis trick?

Let’s see

Magic drop

That’s basically it.

One year necro lol

wow lol
I just replied because I saw it on the front page xD

Double or nothing took me 3 months to land… Then spirit bomb I kinda gave up on. And then I learned spirit bomb. I can even do reverse spirit bomb! (where you start arms crossed then end arms crossed)

I’m surprised at the number of people who got stuck on DoN!

Boingy-boing I can understand. Such a knacky trick. But DoN is just a slightly more difficult trapeze!

Yeah, DoN was real easy compared to boingy-boing. Took me half a year to get down clean. :slight_smile: DoN took, eyedunno, 24 hours? Minimum?

My nemesis trick seems to be Follow. I get the motion, I understand the principles, and when my hand cooperates, I can do it. But the makeup of my hand is such that the string just slides through my hand no matter how hard I try to grasp it in the way that I would ideally grasp it. I can modify the pinch… but this not only requires more accuracy but also disrupts the flow of the pinch and release.

It’s not an unsolveable problem by any means. It’s just proving to be very difficult… it will be a long while before it’s sorted out, I feel. But I’ve got time. :wink:

Every takeshi matsuura trick.

Dont want to brag, but i got a lot of trick down within a day(Boingy,Eli,Spirit Bomb)

“slapbacks” 5a trick is ridiculous. the string length around my th varies way too much. not happening any time soon.

when I was learning basic 1a stuff, double or nothing was pretty hard, as was spirit bomb. I must’ve watched 3-4 hours worth of spirit bomb videos until I finally got it. Revolutions is another one.

Video is in there on the Zammy page.

The moebius trick “Signal Flare” but caught behind the back.
Thats above the next level.

This version is the illuminati version. On my instagram is the unedited where I flip out and swear and stuff.


Brent Stole. I can’t even imagine how many times I waved my arms wildly landing it like 1/100 not understanding what was really happening with the string.

Spirit Bomb, still can’t land it. SMH.

Kickflip Suicide on a fixed axle, landed it after trying it for an hour, but still only land about 40-50% of the time.

my nemesis for awhile was the boingy boing all the cool kids could do it but not me. Then one morning it clicked and i have been able to do ever since. The only other trick I have seriously struggled with for a long time is seasick i did it once last summer, But that was after having way too many pixie sticks. Landing the trick was amazing and so was the three A.M. hype crash. :smiley:

Same. You showed me how to do it, and I figured it out later.

Magic Drop, I still can’t really hit it.

Yukki slack and spirit bomb

I am still really inconsistent with the kamikaze mount. I can never do the pop high enough into the top string, or land on both bottom strings. The yoyo always kicks back at an angle to me and lands on the back string only. Majorly frustrating.

Every Chris Chia trick

I couldn’t get black hops forever. It was so hard. Now, it’s like nothing.

Himedesa Hook… Still haven’t landed it to this very day.