Your hardest trick(s).

Tell me what is your hardest yoyo trick(s) you have done?

To me: I’m having a hard time doing some slack tricks, because
my string got twisted (it happens sometimes). :’(

Happy Throwing! =]

trapieze :frowning: have real problems with it unfortunatly

using a imperial shaped comet yoyo from spintastics :frowning:

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latter escape at the moment. and penfold i suggest getting a YYJ journey or a Duncan mosquito. later and keep it spinning.

spirit bomb is challenging me

Probably Gyroscopic Flop :o :-[

That all depends on the intent of the question. What trick is challenging me the most? -OR- What is the most difficult trick (according to the genres of this site)?

The one that is giving me most trouble is spirit bomb. I recently learned and am able to complete White Buddha.

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mine is Gyro Flop and Arm Grind to Finger Grind to Wrist Whip.

based on this site it is ladder escape that is the hardest trick that i can do, i can do all the 1A tricks except for superman and double iron whip

Learning Kamakazi atm. Cursed Magic Drop ending keeps foiling me =) I’ve only landed the whole trick 3 times so far.

Anything harder than ladder escape

Im currently in the advanced seton, but my frend and I decided to learn yuki slack and man thats hard (allthough i can d the 1st part

Soiled Panties is annoying. I just can’t get the last part!!!

Currently working on superman and kamikaze.

Happy to say that Split the Atom used to be hard, but not anymore.

Now i’m working on binds. Hardest for me is the one where you go from trapese around your finger and the yoyo comes up from the underside. Maybe thats an undermount?

Also tough for me is trapese and his brother. The trapese is ok, but I get spastic when I have to flip in the other direction…


And quit (temporarily) when you get frustrated.

im so embarrassed i do to i cant do a trapeze either i use butterfly yoyos my fave and newest mini motu its really good

Lacerations are tricky to me! Also I’m having trouble with candyrain

Deffinetly slack tricks.

I change mine to magic drop.

As of right now… i would have to say plastic whip

spirit bomb (stupid little hole you have to get it through towards the end!!!)