whats your hardest trick/


MINE is superman.


<------------- this. i know, i suck compared to most of you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


My stuff kinda complicated to explaine hahaha

(SR) #4

Sleeper. It’s a toughie… just can’t get it right, you know?


Not funny… I still struggle with it.


1.5 whip. its that basic whip but it goes around your nth index and goes around your throw hand index and lands on the yoyo in a hold very similar to the 1.5 mount. i need the right string either hamstring or chaos. have never done it with regular poly…


Don’t feel bad, I’m still getting over the whole, “putting the string on your finger” part.


RIght now it’s Kwijibo, but I like to go into it from a double or nothing. I used to pop from the double or nothing to a trapeze and then into the first cross-arm hop. Now I just pop from double or nothing to the first cross-arm hop. It’s that second hop back to double or nothing I can’t get.

After that, it’s gotta be boing-e-boing and bommerang.


can you do skin the gerbil? dr strange? double laceration? eli hops? based on your advice id think youd be as good as like josh yee or andre!


I sort of have no clue.


Right now im learning slacks/whips, so yuuki slack is definitely the hardest for me atm, can only do it 1/10 tries :’(

(Owen) #12

Gravity pull


Infinity hook/laceration/brent stole.


Either Lindy Suicides or Chopstick Suicides.

I just can’t seem to kill myself very easily :frowning:

(Zammy Ickler ) #15

I’ve always wondered this, as I get that type of question from Non-yoyo folk.

Out of all I have created, the trick known as “Gravity Break” is my most difficult.


Triple Brent stole 8)


Either triple reverse Hidemasa Hook, or Figure 8. Lots of people seem to have trouble with Figure 8.


My most advanced trick is and whut, I’m learning how to do hourglass which is awesome.


loop the loop with my left hand… i swear getting my left hand yoyoing down will take another year

(Trickster) #20

Horizontal finger grind pop off while swinging the string under the yoyo then back into a grind then pop again and whip into horizontal 2.5 whip although Ive only been able to whip into horizontal hook…