What are the 5 hardest tricks you know?

When reading on the forums I sometimes get the feeling that I really suck because you guys know so many hard tricks but sometimes I feel really good about what I know. Let’s get a quick assessment of how “advanced” everyone is. And doesn’t everyone like to show off once in a while :slight_smile:

Or just list your favorites :slight_smile:

5 magic trick
4 Buddhas revenge
3 Harrison hurricane
2 Boingy boing
1 white Buddha

Keep trying to do gravity pull but my yoyo won’t come up >:(


Anything I do behind my back really…

Out of all of the tricks on yye, I never learned pop n fresh haha.

5 kwijibo 4 slack trapeze 3 over under boing boing 2 laceration 1 white Buddha

Out of the tricks I have tried to do I would say 5. Eli Hops 4. Leg Wrap Trap 3. Kwijibo 2. Kamikaze 1. Boing-E-Boing

  1. white buddah
  2. magic trick
  3. plan d
  4. spirit bomb
  5. over under boingy boing

Define hard. My tricks are complicated in ways that vary from trick to trick.

My “hardest” tricks would probably my combos. Do not feel bad. I felt that I was not very good during the beginning of my yoyo journey.

I’m currently working on doing a gyro flop, but midway pinching it and twisting it around with the slack. I’ve been trying this trick FOREVER. I can’t seem to get it, the throw dies midway through my combo. :confused:

1- Trick that I made up called “I Can’t Beleive its Not Butter”

2- Trick that I made up called “Brent Stole a Jade Necklace”

3- Trick that I made up called “Grapefruit Wedges”

4- Horizontal trick that I made up called “I think I saw Alan do this in a video”

5- Trick that I made up called “Mochi Rolls”

Throwing 1 year

White Buddah, And Whut, almost good with Grandma
Kimmit Sandwich, and Tyler severance’s Minute GT.

And, I don’t know… Lord Of The Flies…

  1. Rancid Milk
  2. White Buddha (can’t really do that we’ll because I don’t really practice it)
  3. And Whut
  4. Lotus Bloom
  5. Spirit Bomb

I guess these would be my hardest tricks…but there is other stuff like Underwater Basket Weaving and Skin the Hamster that are good contenders too.

Oh yeah, and I can do Follow…

So yeah, those are my five plus three hardest tricks, LOL.

EDIT: And now I just remembered the fact that I can do horizontal stuff like Gerbil, and that I can do and Behind the Arm Inverted Suicide. LOL.

EDIT AGAIN: I have been throwing for seven months.

Is it unresponsive?

He is JK

My own combos. they’re nuts, man. nuts.

^ tru

LOL, yeah he is just kidding. I don’t think somebody with that many posts would still be struggling with gravity pull, LOL.

I am still struggling with gravity pull as well.

This dang Project won’t come back up no matter how hard I pull!!!

Omg i know! I think my g funk is broken!

Hardest tricks that I know are:

  1. Cross armed eli hops
  2. Variation of a suicide from 1.5 mount
  3. Left handed looping
  4. leg wrap trap
  5. Pop the clutch

These are by far not the most advanced tricks I know, but I can never land them consistantly.