What are the 5 hardest tricks you know?


When reading on the forums I sometimes get the feeling that I really suck because you guys know so many hard tricks but sometimes I feel really good about what I know. Let’s get a quick assessment of how “advanced” everyone is. And doesn’t everyone like to show off once in a while :slight_smile:

Or just list your favorites :slight_smile:

5 magic trick
4 Buddhas revenge
3 Harrison hurricane
2 Boingy boing
1 white Buddha

(M.DeV1) #2

Keep trying to do gravity pull but my yoyo won’t come up >:(


Anything I do behind my back really…

Out of all of the tricks on yye, I never learned pop n fresh haha.


5 kwijibo 4 slack trapeze 3 over under boing boing 2 laceration 1 white Buddha


Out of the tricks I have tried to do I would say 5. Eli Hops 4. Leg Wrap Trap 3. Kwijibo 2. Kamikaze 1. Boing-E-Boing

  1. white buddah
  2. magic trick
  3. plan d
  4. spirit bomb
  5. over under boingy boing

(WildCat23) #7

Define hard. My tricks are complicated in ways that vary from trick to trick.


My “hardest” tricks would probably my combos. Do not feel bad. I felt that I was not very good during the beginning of my yoyo journey.


I’m currently working on doing a gyro flop, but midway pinching it and twisting it around with the slack. I’ve been trying this trick FOREVER. I can’t seem to get it, the throw dies midway through my combo. :confused:


1- Trick that I made up called “I Can’t Beleive its Not Butter”

2- Trick that I made up called “Brent Stole a Jade Necklace”

3- Trick that I made up called “Grapefruit Wedges”

4- Horizontal trick that I made up called “I think I saw Alan do this in a video”

5- Trick that I made up called “Mochi Rolls”

Throwing 1 year


White Buddah, And Whut, almost good with Grandma
Kimmit Sandwich, and Tyler severance’s Minute GT.

And, I don’t know… Lord Of The Flies…

  1. Rancid Milk
  2. White Buddha (can’t really do that we’ll because I don’t really practice it)
  3. And Whut
  4. Lotus Bloom
  5. Spirit Bomb

I guess these would be my hardest tricks…but there is other stuff like Underwater Basket Weaving and Skin the Hamster that are good contenders too.

Oh yeah, and I can do Follow…

So yeah, those are my five plus three hardest tricks, LOL.

EDIT: And now I just remembered the fact that I can do horizontal stuff like Gerbil, and that I can do and Behind the Arm Inverted Suicide. LOL.

EDIT AGAIN: I have been throwing for seven months.


Is it unresponsive?


He is JK

(Alex Fairhurst) #15

My own combos. they’re nuts, man. nuts.


^ tru


LOL, yeah he is just kidding. I don’t think somebody with that many posts would still be struggling with gravity pull, LOL.


I am still struggling with gravity pull as well.

This dang Project won’t come back up no matter how hard I pull!!!


Omg i know! I think my g funk is broken!


Hardest tricks that I know are:

  1. Cross armed eli hops
  2. Variation of a suicide from 1.5 mount
  3. Left handed looping
  4. leg wrap trap
  5. Pop the clutch

These are by far not the most advanced tricks I know, but I can never land them consistantly.