And Whut help

In And Whut, I can’t get the first pop. The one after the one and a half mount, where you pop the yoyo up and onto the string. It just doesn’t pop out. My hole looks small too.

Take a gander at this:

I don’t know exactly what part you’re discussing, though.

After the weird double or nothing, you go into a trapeze, into a one and a half, swing the yoyo, pop it around your left finger, twist it, do an underpass, and open it up right?

I can’t open it big enough, and can’t pop the yoyo out.

You mean in the little triangle?

After 1.5, swing over, hop off the side. Curl your freehand index towards yourself so one string sort of falls. Then, underpass into the back string, going over your freehand. Take your freehand out. Use your freehand pointer to separate the string tied to your throwhand. Untwist the loop on the triangle on your throwhand pointer.

Does that/the video above help?

Yeah, but I can’t get the loop big enough. I’m getting the right one, just not big. Also, I can’t do the step after, popping it out. I tried like 50 times already, or an hour.

Remember to hop out the back. Its just like dismounting a regular green triangle. You mean its not small enough to fit the yoyo?

Erm… Hop out back? I never did a green triangle. ;D

Well, that can make things easier for you.

Watch this video:

Basically, do trapeze and brother, but go around your throwhand wrist, and land on the back string. Take out the wrist, and you have your first ever Green Triangle! Hop the yoyo up, on the side closest to your body. That’s it!

Now, once you’ve learned that, try to implant it into that littler triangle in And Whut.

Not really.

Here, the last trick he does in part 2.

I think I know what you mean. If I’m not wrong, you are talking about the point where you pop the yoyo on the inside and land into a trapeze and his brother. What I don’t get is the loop. I really want to know what loop you are talking about.

Addment: It is basicall just to pop it on the inside and land on the string. Remember to land it on the right string though, you should end in a trapeze and his brother.

I got it!!! ;D

But there is another problem. When you are in the trapeze and his brother thingy, and pop it up and do the weird swing, which one do you land on? The one the yoyo was on , or the one above the yoyo?

The one below the yoyo.

So you land the yoyo back on the one it was on, with the weird twisty thing.

No. Hop off of brother, and land on the bottom string.

After that

So you are wondering about the “hop” where you pop the yoyo up and bring the string over it. I think you are supposed to land it on the same string you popped off.

Yeah. Hop up, bring the bottom string over and around, land back on the bottom string. Watch the video I posted for some good angles.