Strange Problem With "And Whut"

This morning I started learning the master level trick “And Whut”. I really didn’t have any problems with it until about the middle of the trick. After I pull my finger through the strings and get the triangle and put the triangle onto the yoyo, I get stuck. At this point I know you’re supposed to pull a string back and untwist so you have a little green triangle with like a square behind it. I think I’m pulling the right string back and I think I untwist right, but the green triangle doesn’t come out right. It’s definitely a green triangle, but there’s a twist around the bearing and if I pop it out I’ll probably get a knot. I’ve watched several other videos of the trick including the one on this site and I never see this happen to anyone else. Their green triangle’s come out just like they would from Fred’s Special, Ninja Vanish, etc. What am I doing wrong? I’m also left handed, if that has anything to do with the problem.

I’m left handed also and I have problems learning tricks because of that too… I think your wrapping around the wrong side. After rolling forward from 1.5 mount, you have a wrap around your NTHP, you curl that finger in towards yourself, and pull that string through, as your doing that untwist your thrown pointer, so the strings are straight around it… and now take the string you pulled thru with ur NTHP and wrap it around the OUTSIDE of the Yoyo. I Think that’s your problem. Wrong side. After its wrapped let go with ur NTHP. Then you push your NTHP into the string closest to you and van. Triangle.
I made a vid to show you but I can’t upload. Hope this helps!

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Yeah, that was the problem. I actually figured it out on my own but thanks for letting me know. Now I’m just trying to pop out of the Green Triangles right, after that I should have the trick down.

Good I’m glad you figured it out. When you pop out of it make sure you pop to the inside. Towards your body.

and whut is hard

It’s not because you’re left handed. And whut is the same for most people. There’s a couple confusing parts but all in all it’s really easy. I’m left handed and learning tricks is just as easy for me as it is for everybody else. And whut is kind of a useless trick imo.

I’m left handed too and been having the same prob…hopefully I can sort it out now…thanks :slight_smile:

Ok sussed it out now :slight_smile: onto the next part…

EDIT: The thing I was doing wrong was trying to wrap the wrong string round the yoyo (back) when it shoulda been the front string…incase any other leftys are having the same prob :wink:


This tutorial will help incredibly later on. There is very little good tutorials on the second pop. GL happy throwing

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