And Whut Triangle Problem...

I’ve finally gotten to the master tricks section, (YAY! :D) but I’m having a very strange problem with the first triangle in and whut.

The triangle I form in the trick is, unlike how it appears in Andre’s video, behind the string.

^ What happens when I do the trick is the exact reverse of this.

The triangle is closer to me than the other string, and it’s also to the right of me instead of the left.

Does that make sense?

Any reason this could be happening?

Any help would be great!

When you grab that string so that you can see the triangle, you are putting your finger in from the wrong side. You want to go from the farther side, as opposed to the side closer to you.

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I think you’re landing the yo-yo into the wrong string. When you roll the yo-yo off of the one-and-a-half mount, and after you curl your pointer finger in, you have to guide the yo-yo onto the string that is closest to you, not the one on the front.

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…Got it! :smiley:

Thank you both!

roll it on to the back string not front

He already figured it out.