Trapeze Triangle Slack trouble

Hey, I’m having a lot of trouble (and frustration) with this trick. I’m pretty sure I’m whipping it the right way onto the yoyo, but it doesn’t make the triangle shape. In the tutorial he says something about bringing the throw-hand forward or something like that, but I don’t know what he means by that. Any advice?

If your a righty, than he means as your whipping the yoyo to move your right hand forward.
If your a lefty, than the same thing only with your left hand.

The string that is attached to your throwhand should be in between the slack and the yoyo. As you throw the slack or whip you move your throwhand forward.

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i was having trouble with this trick as well, but thanks to ibanezcollector’s vid it is clear as day. i have to cross the string in front of the the slack loop before it comes around and catches the the yoyo. thank you much

btw yoyoexpert realy needs to get slomos

highspeedyoyo wins again,