Slap Triangles


Can anyone offer advice for this trick? I can’t figure out how to do the first triangle, before the Reverse Inverted Brent Stole (I think that’s what it is, at least?). Any help is appreciated!


I looked at it too, and it seems to be a rejection into a brent stole type move, but I cannot be sure. It might be best to hit up Maider on his social media to see if he can help. Although, in the comments on the video, there seemed to be some that figured it out, whom might be of assistance too.


This one just takes some practice to get the feel of it. The overhead shot in the tutorial is really helpful. Make sure you have neutral string tension, pop the yo-yo up a little to give yourself enough time to catch it, pull your NTH slightly forward and up after the ‘slap’ and don’t move your throw hand too much. The motion is mainly in your NTH. Once you get it, it kind of clicks and you’ll hit it more frequently.


Been trying this first part and have yet to hit it. Garrett had a good tip, but that slack doesn’t always happen to reach the th to slap down to “fold” the loop down. Seems like the triangle wants to form on the opposite side as a stole…just can’t figure this one out.


I had the same trouble, posted here, and Yoyoexpert Garrett’s tips helped me out a lot. I can get the slap triangle pretty consistently now. Here are some things I noticed when I started getting the trick right:

The slap isn’t much of a slap at all, at least not until you start getting consistent. I found that a much smaller throwhand slap motion helped me, especially if you don’t raise your hand to begin the slap. Don’t move your throwhand until the last minute, and when you do, it should be a short, quick downward motion.

It helps to know what the string’s doing during the slap, so if you don’t understand how the triangle is formed, try making a large, exaggerated slack motion. This motion may not help you land the trick, but understanding how the triangle happens was helpful to me.

If you’re not already, try pinching the string a little bit with your nonthrowhand to keep the slack open and easier to slap. Your hands should come together a little bit in midair before the slap, which helps the yoyo catch the slack.

Hope these help, and Good luck! It can be frustrating but once you get it a few times, it becomes second nature.