Brent Stole-Need ALOT of Help!

I can’t land the trick. I’ve watched numerous tutorials, tried a lot of different methods, and I just can’t land it. Most of the time I get a single loop around my non-throwhand.

It just takes Tons of practice. Try whipping the string harder, and experiment with your non throw hands position.

Do you understand what is happening in midair with the string that forms the triangle? If not, you need to watch a slow motion video to see what happens. You will get nowhere blindly whipping the string over your finger. Once you know, try forming it yourself with a dead yoyo using your hands to manipulate the string. Now that you fully understand what you have to do, it is way easier to try it in midair when whipping the string. Also, use string that is very easy to whip to help fold the triangle over in time when you are moving forward. This is what helped me learn, hopefully it will help you, too. Good Luck!

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Nice idea! I know that the trick is a Laceration and a Triangle Whip in one motion. I’ll experiment!

This tutorial was the most helpful for me:

Also, you want to pull your throwhand forward at the same time the loop hits your NTH index finger. One more thing, only pop the yoyo up to the height of your NTH index finger. Higher or lower will make it a lot harder to land the trick. These are just things I noticed, because I had a lot of trouble learning Brent Stole too.

Make sure you got some good string on your throw while practicing it. A very “whippy” string works best when starting to learn it. I used some hams while learning and it made it easier. Now I can do it with just about any string!

this is how i got it down. hope it helps.

I worked on Brent Stole for months before getting it right. A big part for me was making absolutely certain that my throw hand was making a circular motion, and that it crossed slightly under my non throw hand. Also, Toxics help a LOT, especially Dragon string. They whip like a beast.