Tips/tricks for Brent Stole?

I’m having the hardest time learning this trick! No matter how many different tutorials I watch, I still struggle immensely and I’ve only landed it MAYBE 3/100 times.

Are there any specific tutorials or tips I should be looking at or is this solely based off of trial and error?
Thanks for anything in advance!

What string r u using?

Brent stole is one of the things I do best, so I’ll help you out. The trick is not the string, ignore anyone who says that. When the string wraps around your NTH, you have to stretch your hands apart slightly. It gives the string a kick. Let me know if you need a video for it.

If it’s not too much trouble, I would love a video. I learn better through them than text.
I’ll still give this a shot though. Thank you!

Try practicing making big loops with the Yoyo and try hitting the back string. Then again I’m not the person to ask since I learned it on mistake. Trying to land a laceration with a soda bottle in my mouth so I couldn’t see all the string. My way of learning tricks is very unconventional.

Make sure you are pushing your throwhand forward while the string you are pushing is still ABOVE the yo-yo. I had lotsa trouble with that…

Whip the string, intercept the back with your whole hand, and put the top of the GT- the part not being whipped- directly over, almost into the gap. All fast string will do is give you slightly bigger triangles.

Please though, do not buy string because you think you can’t do it with this. You can :). I’ll make a video for you a bit later. My YouTube is kennanlejeune, I have a slow mo on there from a while back. You can see how I do it.