Brent stole

Brent Stole is a sick trick but i dont understand how its done. I accidently did it when i was trying to learn hidemasa hook(which i also need help on :smiley: ) and then again when i was trying to do a laceration somehow. So i thought it was interesting so i got online and started looking up tutorials for the trick. I understand how its done(i think) but i dont get whats going on which is why i think im not landing it. So i understand i have to whip the string behind the yoyo and the string will start to wrap around my finger, then i move move my finger forward and the string catches on the yoyo and forms a green triangle… So, i get how its done, but its going to fast i dont know whats actually going on when ur doing the maneuver. Its hard to explain but basically i dont get whats going on when u do the trick and how it turns into a green triangle. Clarification and tips please?

On most whipping tricks it’s all practice. Rethinkyoyos tutorial is the best on this I think.

I know that feel, bro. I think I get it sometimes, but then I still don’t totally get it.

The closest I ever got to “getting” it was this video from right here at YYE:

The follow-up video (called Green Triangle Laceration; just another name for a Brent Stole) is here:

You can see in that first one what’s going on. Take away the arm and do everything in the air instead and you have a Brent Stole.

The key to getting the GT is moving the throwhand (for a long time I kept moving the NON throwhand… I don’t know why I kept misunderstanding the Rethink tutorial…) forward so that it gets on the other side of the loop to form the GT.

At some point I just started getting it pretty consistently and gave up on visualizing it for now. I’m sure I’ll be able to visualize it sooner or later, which is what happend for me with Ninja Vanish. :wink:

Alexis JV’s tutorial is what made it finally click for me.

Thanks, i think i kno whats going on now… i think :smiley: i learned ninja canish a few days ago and i couldnt quite understand whatwas going on at first too but i got it now. I just think its weird when u know how to do the trick, but u dont know whats going on when uu do it haha

Ironically, I’ve started to consistently land Hidemasa Hook after watching Alexis JV lol

Quite happy. ;D

Really all about aiming your throw hand, kind of blew my mind.

I started landing it first on some really whippy strings, like Toxic Strings. Then, I was able to kind of get it on the regular YYE poly. I think it also helps to move the hand closer to your stomach, and whip the string a little bit behind the yoyo. It’s a hard trick, and just one of those things that comes with practice.

honestly the best way to learn a lot of tricks is in person. If you go to a meet up ever, ask someone if they can help teach you brent stole.
I couldn’t wrap my head around it for probably over a year, then when I had someone show me at a local meet up, it just kinda clicked and I could land it almost every time.

I’m really liking this tutorial for it.

If you are still having trouble seeing what exactly is going on or how the trick happens, it can help to set the yoyo down on something and manipulate the string by hand to see how the triangle forms. By moving the string around by hand without the yoyo hanging/pulling on it, you can take your time to see exactly what the string has to do. Another option would be to take the string off the yoyo and attach it to a door knob. Then you can still actually do the whip, but you can do it as slowly as you want, and you can stop and leave the slack hanging since the doorknob won’t fall like the yoyo would. I find that both of these options can help visualize what is supposed to happen with fast whip/laceration type tricks.

This is the video I used when I was learning Brent Stole. After watching this and thinking about what the string was actually doing, I went from being able to hit it maybe one every 10 to being able to hit it around 90% of the time.

Thanks guys, i know whats going on now, but im still having trouble with it… Its better though, but ionly land it about 20% of the time, but im workingon it :slight_smile:

Unlike some tricks, I think string is important. Lightweight strings just aren’t going to have the momentum you need. You can probably get’r done with standard poly and thicker, but any specialty light/thin strings are going to be tricky.

I have a hard time doing it with YYSL Type X actually. A breeze with Quick 13 T13x, though!

I don’t know what it is but I can land Brent stole about 9/10 times. (I sometimes land in a reverse trapeze sometimes haha) it just clicks and you can do it without thinking.

exsagerate (fail spelling) the curling on your non throw hand pointer when your are doing the trick. That helped me a lot, and i still do that!