Brent Stole advice?


Finally managed to land some Brent Stole’s and after getting them consistently I’ve run into a problem where I catch the GT :frowning:

My GT’s are so small they can sometimes be a pain to pop out of, whats the trick to catching it in a large® GT?

Any help is appreciated.


Try to catch it with your hands as far apart as possible.
But, one other thing, if you get in a GT too small to pop out of:
First of all untwist your finger. Then you want to reject the string (which I couldn’t even explain if I tried, sorry :-), dumping the yo-yo out the front. Hopefully you won’t have to reject, though.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:


1.) big looping motion, not too fast
2.) pinch the string as it goes around your non throwhand
3.) practice ;D(lol, I know everybody hates that answer but it is true


^^ Seems to be helping tremendously!

(kclejeune) #5

That’s cheating XD

Brent stole is what I’m famous for, maybe I can help you out.

  1. As the whip comes around your nth finger, move your NTH slightly outward. It propels the string around and you don’t need to kill your shoulder.
  2. Do the initial whip with your hands close together. This will create more slack for a larger triangle. You want to be sure to spread your hands as you land though.

I’m thinking about making a tutorial series titled “Knacky tricks people have trouble learning” lol. This will be first if I do it XD. Hope this helps you somewhat!


how is that cheating? ???

(kclejeune) #7

You don’t pinch anything in Brent Stole. It messes with the flow. Leave the pinching to ninja vanish :wink:


Oh please do!


Had small GTs for a while too. Then I tried doing #2. I don’t remember why exactly but I did see the bigger slack, like kclejeune said. And after I while, it became normal to me. So yeah. moving your hands closer together during the initial whip should do the trick. :3 Just keep practicing! :smiley:


I dunno for me those problematic tricks were never that hard except for magic drop. That one took while to learn for sure :slight_smile:



Instead of hidemasa hook where you have 2 strings go over your non throw hand pointer finger with brant stole its only one, that is what helped me get the trick and helped me teach it to alot of people =).


What if I can crush brent stoles but can’t hit 2 out of 30 hooks to save my life?


But actually, that’s basically what I did. Pretty much took a day to learn Brent Stole and Hidemasa Hook was cake after that. One thing I’ve noticed is that the loop of 2 strings hits your finger flat. That is, both strings should hit at pretty much the same time and thus, there will be an inner string and outer string. You’ll be hooking the yoyo with the outer string.


Odd as it sounds, the movement for the hook completely and utterly escapes me. I’ve been able to land brent stoles consistently for a while now. My problem with the hook is twofold. I have a problem keeping the strings of the loop that come around my nth index finger tight enough so the both actually hit my finger. I think this is from learning the brent stole first. When they do both hit my finger, they never make it far enough over to catch the yoyo. No idea what the problem is there. I mean, I’m whipping the heck out of it, so it must be a technique issue.


That’s me, too. I had people prove to me in video that they can whip it as much that it needs whipping using standard poly.

But I can’t do it. Even for Brent Stole I can’t do it. My slack loop just flops limply and dies.


String tension really helps!


Nah. It’s momentum in this case. It’s not that the loop doesn’t stay open, it’s that it doesn’t go around. I’m sending the energy in the wrong direction, or not making a “snap” I need to make, or SOMETHING… I don’t know what, or it’d be fixed. But I just can’t get the string to go around with regular poly.

I can do Brent Stoles with whippy strings like Toxic Dragons all day. But regular poly is a no-go for me. Kinda frustrating since I prefer strings that are variations on regular poly.


With regular poly, whe whipping the strings towards your nth, kinda flick your wrist and follow the flick motion through your th string finger, doing a kinda flick motion with it as well. This is what I find really helps with string that isn’t as whippy as others. Sometimes, the flick and motion has to be done really hard and fast then how you would do with whippy string as well.

Let me know if this helps greg! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll keep trying. :wink:

For me it’s the “hard and fast” part that’s a stopper… it takes practice to get it right and allow the energy expenditure to stabilize (as with many skills, people will tend to “overdo” it at first until they get the motion right)… and during the practice phase my shoulder is wearing out (remember, I’m an old dude!) and I have to halt.

I’ll get it some day. I hope.


My advice to those that have trouble getting the string to whip is to not apply force, but rather a fluid exaggerated movement where you over whip your target. Whip through/past your finger, not just until the point where you reach your finger. Like shooting a basketball, or swinging a baseball bat, or punching a bag, you have to follow through with your motion to a certain extent. That is what helps me with whips, so hopefully it will help somebody else as well.