Hook and brent stole with YYE poly

Is it possible to do hook and brent stole with YYE poly? I’ve been working on them for a while and i just can’t seem to get it. Have you ever landed them with YYE poly? Or do i neeed to get better heavier string for them? Thanks!

I have done Brent Stole with them. Josh Yee uses only YYE poly and I’m sure he lands those and even more complicated whipping tricks with YYE poly.


I do not enjoy the attempt. I feel I have to put too much momentum onto the string and it’s heck on my shoulders. It’s not worth the pain for me.

Heavier strings make these tricks much easier to hit. In fact, with Gray Matter, Panthers, Cyber Silks, Dragons, and other “heavy, whipping” strings I have to concentrate on not throwing TOO hard or I actually OVERshoot the trick.

You can do those with any string.

I find it easier to do with those lighter strings, if only because they do move a bit slower through the air which, for me anyway, makes it easier to control where the slack and loops go.

I can land brent stoles most of the time with very whippy strings like BYYS panther… I land them like 10% of the time with yye poly, they are possible, just harder

It’s really not. Just whip it harder.

really? I can Land Brent stoles with virtually anything.
Its just practice practice!

This is the part I have troubles with. :wink: My poor shoulder! Not worth it for me. It’s just a trick. I can live with not doing certain tricks when I’ve strung up a yoyo with lighter strings.

That’s rather odd! I I tend to whip lighter, not harder!


That’s really the only way I can explain it… It’s not really harder but just faster

Maybe I’m a weirdo LOL

And might as well ask this question here lol

When you do brent stole are you supposed to move your throwhand forward or nonthrowhand forward? Ive learned it NTH forward but I saw a recent thread where you move your TH forward

There are certainly techniques for using a lot of energy in a short burst, but you still need to engage the shoulder muscles… it’s just in a different way. And no matter what, it hurts my shoulder trying to do that with light string. You can’t literally throw “lighter” or the string won’t even get beyond the height and rotation of a laceration, never mind having the string “bisect” the loop for the Brent Stole.

Not only that, but even if I wanted to refine my technique, that would still take practice time. I don’t have that luxury, because practicing would still hurt too much. I’ve got nothing to prove, though (not saying you guys do! It’s already working for you!), so I’m not interested in that process. I’ll just do them when I have a heavier string on my throw.

andy569: it’s definitely your throwhand that you move forward.

Interesting… Ive always done brent stole moving my NTH forward… I guess thats why I dont land it more often :smiley: but I still get it most of the time with a whippy string sooo…

I guess I have a strange technique then. I force my hands to stay on the same plane.
I dunno. Guess To each their own!

I don’t move my NTH at all. I just whip the string with my TH and it just happens.

Looks like we all got our own technique for it :slight_smile:

I still dont understand how it happens tho xD i just do it but i dont know the string is doing to make it happen haha

Really? :o
Well Here is a slo-mo

Also! I just realized, I move my Nth slightly backwards. LOL

Still dont get it… haha

And thatmguy is such a liar xD I got it wayy back and it’s still not necesarrily easy… slowly getting better though