Brent Stole With Poly vs. Nylon String

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Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to have this discussion for a while.

I can perform Brent stole with about a 75% consistency rate with my performance blend (nylon/poly). I cannot, however, perform Brent Stole with full polyester string with anywhere near the same amount of consistency. With full poly, my rate dips down to maybe 5% success.

I can’t tell if I’m spoiled to the whippieness of nylon, or if there are actually polyester strings that simply cannot whip the way Brent Stole requires.

With this trick in particular, polyester strings feel profoundly different, definitely weak sauce compared to nylon and nylon blends. Nylon just retains and transfers so much of the energy that I put into that little whip.

I wonder if people trying to learn this trick that are using polyester string would actually be able to do it more successfully if they used nylon instead. :thinking:

Let the civilized discourse begin! What are your thoughts?


This is true for me too!

I have to put so much more force and energy into a whip with a polyester string as opposed to a nylon or nylon blend.

Personally, I found if the string “cuts” the air during the whip (woosh sound) the string is perfect for whips

This affects my ninja vanish more than my Brent stole though!


Im not good enough to do this trick, though on the other hand I do notice differences in play of nylon and poly strings. For regular tricks that don’t require slacks, I find that poly strings are less “wild” and easier to land on. I can definitely believe that nylon strings would offer a significant advantage in tricky slacks and whips.


I struggle with nylon and blends because of this. Anytime I try a Brent stole with Nylon or a blend, I end up missing with a bunch of wraps around my nth pointer, or I’ll be in a weird double triangle. My hands are so use to the force and feel of Blueprint poly, that I always have to adjust using something else.


Outside of a string being really old, I don’t think the string has anything to do with the trick. As long as the tension is good on it, IMO it doesn’t matter what the material is. Sure, Nylon or other whippy strings make them super easy, I’ve hit Brent Stole with cotton string on fixed axles. I’ve got some Cotton strings from Toxic, the Lacers, that work just fine with this trick also.

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I first learned to land it with nylon, but now I can do it almost 100% of the time with either. Unless the string is frazzled it only takes a couple moments for me to get used to how a different string whips through the air.


When I learn whip tricks I tend to like to use nylon or trilobal poly to learn on but after I’ve learned them I can pretty much do it on any string. Same with Brent stole, it’s definitely easier with a whippier string but I can pretty much land it 100% of the time with nylon, poly, cotton, whatever.

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Once I learned Brent stole I have been able to hit it consistently on any string. Old or with bad tension it doesn’t seem to affect me. I do love the trick and do it every time I throw so I may just be so used to it that it doesn’t matter to me.

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It’s honestly just practice for consistency. For the basic lacerations like Brent stole and hook you actually don’t even need to whip the string fast. If you find yourself needing a very whippy string to land it you’re probably not popping the yoyo high enough or something’s wrong with your laceration motion that’s giving you a large margin of error. You likely don’t really understand the proper motion, once you figure that out it’s a piece of cake

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Wait…you hit a Brent Stole on a fixed axle?

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Yeah, I can hit it pretty consistently, once I get my string tension where I want it :slight_smile: @edhaponik was the first one I saw do it, and I practiced it a lot after that.


If you’ve been throwing a while and are able to keep tension on the yo it’s not terribly difficult.


Just to show I’m not all talk lol


What’s really fun, is to go into Kwijibo after Brent Stole :smiley: I’ve only done it a couple times, but it’s fun when you get it.

edit: really loose tension is needed, really loose :joy:


Oooo I’m gonna have to get a wooden fixie and try that! No way ld hit it on a metal fixie

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I’m gonna chime in with a bit of an elitist opinion. Get ready.

Using the aid of any kind of special string to land a trick is lame. Especially lacerations or hooks of any kind.
There’s absolutely no trick i can do with nylon that i can’t do on poly.

Of course, this is just my opinion and i would never mention this outside a thread like this lol.

If using nylon is the way you enjoy yoyo the most, by all means use nylon.

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Preach!! The only reason anyone should be using nylon is for the durability. Poly for life!

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Exactly. I do use nylon from time to time (Airetic makes the best stuff, and Smiley Strings are also super good), but i use them for 5A!


I do agree that if you can’t land a trick on kitty and a Replay Pro then you haven’t really learned the trick

That doesn’t mean that’s what I’m gonna use though :man_shrugging: I’ll stick to my bimetal and nylon thank you very much

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You’re a nylon user?? I expected better :frowning_face: