what string do yoyu recommend for slak and whips?

Any handmade strings, like toxic, yoyostringlab, etc

Depends, really.

Some people enjoy really fast whips, while others like more control on slacks. Both are things that you have to consider when judging which string is “best on slacks”

for control and learning like to learn brent stole and lacvration to the heart ect current im uaing some skane bite string

If I could shameless promote myself, check out Power Cord (t) strings (see my signature). It’s stiff and has control like no other string.


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Jake and Big Yoyo both make awesome strings. You should check them out.


Made my day.

i know i can learn with reg cotton string realy but string thats made for it are like train wheels at least thats what i heard

I’m guessing your new to yoyoing due to the fact you are trying to whip with cotton. Polyester or nylon string with help some due to the fact it keeps shape better, but it’s all about practice. There are no training wheels in yoyoing.

Just buy some bulk regular or nylon Kitty String, or some of the Something string which is now my favorite bulk string. No need for fancy, expensive string, especially when you’re first starting out. I find most of it whips too fast and makes it tough for beginners to tell what’s happening.

I tend to just use Highlights.

Nobody wants to give Q string. :frowning:

im not that new that was an example i can do jades ninja vanish and iron whips and u can whip with cotton lol

You can but its less than idea since its so soft.

i know and by training wheels i mean slightly easier than usual.

I consider any homemade string “training wheels.” They are made to make slacks/whips easier. If you have the money to spend on custom string, then go for it. I just buy bulk yellow poly, as I can get it anywhere, and its harder to do slacks/whips then toxic, G string, etc…improving my skills.

my 2 cents…


I can barely do a brent stole with regular kitty string. However, with my homemade string I can do a triple brent stole. There’s a HUGE difference. One performs flat out better than the other for whips.


You don’t think it’s the “whip the string around a few extra times” that’s a factor here? :wink: