Brent Stole

So after landing about 100 laceration’s, 50 air binds, 40 Hidemasa Hook’s and throwing 4,000 breakaways and a sore sholder later, i finally landed this darn trick, and did it feel good, i watched about 10 tuts! For some odd reason i cant get this trick down, i mean i know u catch the back sting in the loop and push your NTH forward and pull, but i cant get this trick down!! Anyone got any suggestions as far as technique because, i mean ive been practicing for about 4 hrs haha. perhaps some pointers, Thanks guys!

I feel your pain, Brent Stole and myself have an ugly relationship :smiley:

just wait to learn iwasawas tower laceration… there are two main parts that i cant seem to put together…

but advice for the brent stole… make sure your movements are fluent and try a heavier string, i find it makes a world of difference…

agreed, some stuff i cant land on yye stuff. by the way, buddy jim string, it is too whippy, so dont grab it if you are not good at whips. and i think you mkae your own string, right???

for brent, its one of those tricks that just click. if i met you IRL i would show you and try to describe, but… yeah… I may make a tut later on it, but unlikely.

are you asking me??? i make my own string sometimes… its cheaper if i buy it though…

yeah, honestly thats a good idea lol, i havent tryed my own string! haha i should kick my self! lol, my stuff is nice a whippy! but the thing is, im on vacation for the next week, so i guess i gotta wait hahah

wow am i the only person who didnt have a hard time with either hook or brent stole. i was just throwing and i didnt even know what was supposed to happen but i landed it. anywasy you let the extra slack from the trapeze laceration come around the top string and hit into the yoyo. make sure you can do a really good trapeze to triangle

No dude… That’s why I’m giving advice too, all I said is I use my string cuz it works great

what i do is i grab the string by curving my finger like in ninja vanish instead of having it loop my finger like in hook. this works almost every time for me. if you don’t know trapeze to traingle slack i recommend you learn this first.

Some advice that seemeed to help me when i was learning was trying to whip at diagonal motion. WHat i mean is like bringing ur throwhand back ma little and whip. This helps not to get both strings on ur finger. For brent stole you want the string to hit your finger causing a trapeze like loop and then u want to get ur finger in 1 of them and the oter string will twist and go back around and land in the yoyo. Also for hook just get both strings to go around instead of one. Hook took me about 3 days but brent stolle on the otherhand took like 5 days nonstop trying and i kept landing hook instead of brent stole but i finally got it. And just so u know it is very hard to get both of them down good but jif i can do it anyone can

Dingo is right… New tricks aren’t easy to learn, but something that keeps me going is remembering a time when I saw a Brent stole for the first time and thinking " no way, that’s impossible." but now I find myself doing dozens of them every day, it’s that thought that keeps me going on those tough tricks that would otherwise frustrate me. Even if it takes days weeks , or sometimes months

Well put. One factor of learning a trick is saying woh,thats impossible!?!?!?!? and then pushing urself to learn it. This seems to help me learn a trick when i have a will to learn it

Watch the video: Brent Stole for dummies. The second exercice really helps to understand what really happens there.